Working Together to Strengthen the Voice of English-speaking Quebec

Report on Interviews with Key Community Leaders, October 2020

A quarter of a century ago, the Quebec Community Groups Network was founded with a
mandate to build the understanding and cooperation needed to develop strong, reasoned policy to ensure sustainable growth for English-speaking Quebec. During a strategic planning exercise in 2013, the membership approved an updated mission: The QCGN is a centre of evidence-based expertise and collective action on the strategic issues affecting the development and vitality of English-speaking Quebec.

The mission and actions of the QCCN support our Network’s vision that English-speaking
Quebec is a diverse, confident, recognized, and respected national linguistic minority that actively participates in and contributes to the social, economic, cultural, and political life of Quebec and Canadian society.

For the past 25 years, the QCGN has grown considerably in size and scope, while developing advocacy and communications capacity to effectively represent the strategic interests of English-speaking Quebecers, both nationally and provincially. Today, the QCGN is the sole organization with policy, public affairs, public relations, and community development expertise dedicated to representing English-speaking Quebec in the public space.

Representing a community as diverse as English-speaking Quebec is difficult. Many things may separate us; what region we live in, the colour of our skin, what religion – if any – we profess. But we all share a common experience. We live as a linguistic minority in a society that defines itself by the language of the majority. We have shared interests, and a common purpose.

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