What Quebec’s English-speaking community are saying about Bill 96

“Undemocratic,” “odious,” and “deeply problematic” – these are just a handful of the words some community groups used to describe Bill 96 during the hearings that wrapped up at the National Assembly recently.

Unsurprisingly, the harshest criticisms came from the Quebec Community Groups Network, the group that represents a broad coalition of English-speaking groups in the province. The QCGN organized a parallel public consultation process with minority groups who were not invited to the National Assembly hearings.

“Bill 96 proposes the most extensive overhaul of Quebec’s legal order since the Quiet Revolution,” declared QCGN president Marlene Jennings. It proposes to upend 40 years of human rights protection. It would have a significant impact on the relationship between Quebec and Canada, the lives of all Quebecers, and the type of society we wish to build together.”

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