Updated categories for Daily Briefing

A few months ago, the Quebec Community Groups Network changed the tool we use to produce our daily clipping service, the Daily Briefing (DB). With more than 900 subscribers, the Daily Briefing is QCGN’s most popular communications tool. From language and bilingualism to arts and culture, and from education to health and social services, our Daily Briefing provides subscribers with links to media reports and other information about the issues that affect our community. The briefing includes news about our province and nation, QCGN member organizations and community stakeholders, as well as minority language communities across Canada and throughout the world.

Designed to alert community and political stakeholders to relevant news about our Community of Communities, our DB has been undergoing a facelift over the past few months. We have been adjusting the categories and creating new ones to better reflect the strategic priorities of our Network and our community and to provide better insights to our readers. New sections like Our Communities as well as Diversity and Inclusion, collate news about our communities across the province and the diverse communities that make up English-speaking Quebec. If you are not benefiting from this major source of news and views about our community, subscribe today and get your daily dose of news delivered directly to your virtual mailbox.

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