Trudeau says he ‘maybe’ could have spoken some English at Quebec town hall

“Quebec’s deep-rooted linguistic tensions flared up in unlikely fashion Wednesday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to explain why he refused to answer questions in English at a town hall meeting.”

Published in the National Post, an article by Morgan Lowrie from the Canadian Press explains the controversy that happened when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered English questions in French during a town hall meeting on Tuesday January 17 in Sherbrooke. After recalling the apologies he made during a press conference the following day, the article recalls how Trudeau avoided language controversies until then while stating the electoral gains his party has made in Quebec.

Lowrie brings up comments QCGN, and his president James Shea, have made in their press release calling for an apology from the prime minister. The article also presents comments from Gerald Cutting, president of Townshippers’ Association and from the president of Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste, an unlikely defender of Trudeau’s actions in Quebec.

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