“Justin Trudeau do not master linguistic reality in Canada», assesses a political scientist (FR)

“Justin Trudeau fait face à une pluie de critiques après avoir répondu en français aux questions posées en anglais lors de son passage à Sherbrooke.”

In this article from Acadie Nouvelle, Simon Delattre introduces the event of January 17 in Sherbrooke and the following press conference with Justin Trudeau. He also mentions QCGN’s reaction which asked for an apology from the Prime Minister.

The reporter adds some elements to the article taken from the Canadian Press by interviewing Martin Normand, researcher in political science at Université d’Ottawa, who says Trudeau might misunderstand the linguistic reality of Canada. “It’s that kind of answer which spark tensions”, also comments Chantal Carey, an Acadian advocating for linguistic rights.

You can read the full article in Acadie Nouvelle.