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Tom Mulcair: Quebec Liberals should let Anglade be Anglade

Former Quebec Liberal MNA Thomas Mulcair writes that Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade is a very strong leader, but she’ll need every bit of help she can get if she’s going to pull off an unlikely victory against Premier François Legault next fall. Her chosen themes of environment and inclusion are in her bailiwick and she should be able to articulate a strong vision for real change. He also remarks that the party’s caucus has a history of working with Quebec’s English-speaking community and a reasoned opposition to key sections of Bill 96.

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Tom Mulcair: Diversity is a plus for all of Quebec, not a flaw

Quebec competes in an open North American market where businesses have choices. Legislating against minorities isn’t a great calling card.

Recently, Premier François Legault criticized Montreal for hiring Bochra Manaï as an anti-discrimination officer, because she opposed a discriminatory law, Bill 21. Someone tasked with fighting discrimination, who fights discrimination? Unacceptable!

It’s been a couple of long years on the human rights front here in La Belle Province, with religious minorities bearing the brunt of recent debates.

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OPINION: The national unity question that most of Canada is ignoring

By Tom Mulcair

The debate around language and individual rights is in full flight in Quebec, pushed by separatist and nationalist thinkers who are scoring into an open net.

Tom Mulcair was the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada between 2012 and 2017

There will be so many year-enders on the pandemic, I figured that for those who have a nostalgic longing for the past, some vintage talk of ‘National Unity’ might stir the heartstrings…

It may indeed seem oddly disconnected to talk about anything else, but quietly and without ever giving up, Premier François Legault and key members of his government are pursuing a policy he candidly laid out in an interview just before his election in 2018.

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Really?!?! Bonjour/Ho?!?!

(AUDIO) Tom Mulcair, who can be heard every weekday morning at 7:40 on the Andrew Carter Morning Show, comments on the Bloc Québécois’ Bonjour-Ho alternative to Bonjour-Hi.