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Senate Report on English-Speaking Quebec, the first of its kind

The Chronicle-Telegraph, Amanda Halm

On March 9, 2011, the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages released a report on Anglophone life in the Province of Quebec, entitled ”The Vitality of English Speaking Community from Myth to Reality.” It is an extensive 100-page study that reviews community life, education, health and social services, media, economic development, and more. The report was two years in the making and the result of visits to Sherbrooke, Quebec and Montreal. The committee met with more than sixty witnesses (represented by more than 200 spokepersons) at public hearings to better understand life as an Anglophone minority within a Francophone population.

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English in Quebec needs protection: Senate Report

The West Island Chronicle, Sarah Leavitt

The Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages released its findings on its two-year study of English-speaking communities in Quebec and notes that the challenge lies, not in ensuring the survival of its language, but in ”ensuring the community’s survival and supporting its vitality in all regions of Quebec.”

headed by Senator maria Chaput of Manitoba and made up of various senators, including West Islander Judith Seidman, the study geban in the winter of 2009. More than 60 people were consulted in Ottawa, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Montreal where public hearings and informal meetings were held. The  study provides a socio-demographic profile of Quebec’s English-speaking population.

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Protect minority-anglo rights, Senate tells feds

Le Bulletin d’Aylmer, Julie Murray

According to a new report from the Senate Committee on Official Languages, the federal government is failing Quebec’s English-speaking minority and not living up to its obligations under the Official Languages Act. Based on public hearings and meetings in Ottawa and across Quebec, The Vitality of Quebec’s English-Speaking Communities: From Myth to Reality” concludes that Quebec anglophones don’t have adequate support from the federal government.

”The problem could stem from a lack of commitment to the English-speaking communities on the part of federal institutions within Quebec, a lack of consultations, absence of communications about existing federal programs, a poor fit between the policies of the province and the federal government, or a lack of transparency in the use of funds transferred from one government to the other,” says the report.

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QCGN grateful for the work done by the Senate Committee on Official Languages and for the English-speaking community’s participation

For immediate release

Ottawa, March 10, 2011 – Quebec’s English-speaking community is one of two Official Language Minority Communities in Canada, and the federal government must promote and protect its rights.  Those are among the key messages in a report released by the Senate Committee on Official Languages Thursday. 

The 100-page report states that ways must be found to ensure this minority can fully develop in a context in which its future is intertwined with the future of a Quebec majority population that sees the survival of the French language as a priority.

 After 28 days of hearings in 2009 and 2010, including a weeklong field trip to Quebec last fall with stops in Quebec City, the Eastern Townships and Montreal, the Senate Committee has completed its first-ever report dedicated solely to Quebec’s English-speaking Community. “The report presents an in-depth analysis of our community and its priorities, and for that we are grateful,” said Linda Leith, president of the Quebec, Community Groups Network (QCGN). Read more (pdf version)

Senate Committee on Official Languages to release report on ESCQ

The Senate Committee on Official Languages released today its report on the reality of English-speaking Communities of Quebec. The report ”The Vitality of Quebec’s English-Speaking Communities: From Myth to Reality – Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages refers to the Senators visit to the Province in the Fall of 2010.

To read the press release and the report, follow this link: http://parl.gc.ca/40/3/parlbus/commbus/senate/com-e/offi-e/SubsiteMar11-e/Report_Home-e.htm

You can also access the report in both languages here:

www.qcgn.ca/library (English version)

/bibliotheque (French version)

Recruitment, Intake and Integration: What does the future hold for immigration to Official Language Minority Communities? – Report of the Standing Committee on Official Languages

This report of the Standing Committee on Official Languages concludes that immigration is an important development tool for Official Language Minority Communities because it provides for the demographic resourcing while contributing invaluable human, sociocultural and economic capital for communities.

Download (PDF, 351KB)

Senate hearings probe life for Que. anglo minority

CBC News

Quebec City anglophones told public hearings held by a senate committee Monday that life as part of Quebec’s English minority can be difficult.

The Senate Committee on Official Languages is looking at the realities of English-speaking communities in Quebec, with particular attention to health, education, employment and cultural services.

Linda Leith, president of Quebec’s Community Groups Network (QCGN), told committee members that Ottawa needs to understand the difference between minority language rights in Quebec and in the rest of the country. Read more…