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QCGN Director General on CTV News tonight at 6

The interview will discuss the impact of the newly created bilingual exchange program between the Marianopolis College and the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf.



What place should anglophones have in Quebec’s collective narrative?

You are cordially invited to a one-day seminar on the following theme: “What place should Anglophones have in Quebec’s collective narrative?” which will be held at Concordia University on February 11th 2011.

For more information, please click here for find a copy of the seminar description and program.
Given that attendance to this event is by invitation and there are space limitations, we would greatly appreciate it if you could RSVP as soon as possible at: 11fevfeb2011@gmail.com.
The aim of our seminar is to reflect, exchange ideas, and initiate debate among historians, educationalists, and other professionals as well as practitioners in the field. We believe that your participation and feedback will greatly contribute to the high level of discussion that we anticipate for the day.
The seminar is being organized on behalf of Professor Jocelyn Létourneau, Canada Research Chair in the Contemporary History and Political Economy of Quebec at Université Laval, and of the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (a joint initiative of Concordia University’s School of Extended Learning and the Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities, Moncton).
We thank you for your interest in our event and look forward to seeing you among us.



Anglophones polled to improve English media outlets

The Equity (Pontiac News), Andrea Cranfield

The Alliance of Official Languages Minority Media (AMM) in partnership with CBC-Radio-Canada and Canadian Heritage launched a survey called ”Let’s Talk Media” in October through Leger & Leger Marketing company to decipher the media habits of English-speaking minorities in Canada.  Rita Legault, the director of communications at the QCGN said they are really interested in knowing what the results of the survey are. ”There is a lot of English media that communities depend upon. Some do a great job but some don’t do a good job at all.  This is a major important resource for English speaking communities and their survival. And quality is of concern,” said Legault.  Read more…

Educating Today’s Quebec Anglophone

In this brief presented to the Minister of Education, Sports and Recreation, the Advisory Board on English Education investigates what type of education is appropriate to enable English-speaking Quebecers to be active participants in society, whether within Quebec or in the world, in the 21st century? It states that there is still need for more adaptation and improvement in the services that the English-language schools offer to their students.

Download (PDF, 1.95MB)