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Robert Libman: Quebec anglos still ‘don’t get no respect’

The Quebec Community Groups Network criticized the Quebec Liberal Party convention last weekend for an “epic failure to listen to Quebec anglos who are worried about Bill 96.” This rebuke followed leader Dominique Anglade’s remark that anglophones are still better off with her party than with the Coalition Avenir Québec, reflecting a somewhat condescending presumption that the community has no choice but to vote for the Liberals in next year’s election, given that Quebec Solidaire and the Parti Québécois are sovereignist parties and the CAQ government is the very author of Bill 96.

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Anglos better off with Libs says Anglade

Quebec anglophones should stick with the Quebec Liberals even as that party is not debating its 27-point language policy this weekend, leader Dominique Anglade told reporters.

The Quebec Community Groups Network criticized the  Liberals.

“Usually a hot topic at conventions, the Liberals are steering around a debate about language,” the group tweeted. “Anglade said nobody proposed a debate. Really! [This is an] epic failure to listen to [Quebec anglophones] who are worried about Bill 96.”

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