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Legault romps in Quebec, setting up a clash with business over immigration: What you need to know

“It has been a difficult four years for the English-speaking community,” says QCGN interim President Eva Ludvig: “And going into the election, there were a lot of concerns and anxiety.” However, Ludvig adds that the few words of English spoken by Premier François Legault in his victory speech may represent a turning point in the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s relationship with Anglophones.

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Radio Noon Quebec with Shawn Apel

QCGN interim President Eva Ludvig speaks about the results of the 2022 Quebec election with Shawn Apel on CBC Radio Noon. “I’m very, very disappointed to see how our society is divided along language lines. That was very clear in the vote,” says Ludvig.

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Opinion: It’s vital that English-speaking Quebecers’ voices be heard

The Oct. 3 election matters for English-speaking Quebecers, writes QCGN interim President Eva Ludvig in an op-ed for the Montreal Gazette: “We urge them to get out and vote for the candidates who will stand up for our community in the National Assembly.”

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Anglo community reacts to leaders’ language debate

QCGN interim President Eva Ludvig says that Quebec’s political leaders missed the mark when it came to discussing Bill 96 at the Leaders’ debate last Thursday. “All the various ways that this community is impacted by the law was not discussed at all,” she says.

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Les anglophones, inquiets et indécis

After “20 or 30 years” of “linguistic peace,” many in Quebec’s English-speaking community are worried about the future, says QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig. Data from surveys on the QCGN’s website indicate that many fear that the concerns of the English-speaking community are not being taken into account by the provincial government.

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The Quebec Community Groups Network last night hosted a virtual town hall with Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade. This online forum provided Quebecers an opportunity to ask questions and convey their concerns to her ahead of the Oct. 3 provincial election.

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QCGN “Meet the Leaders” Town Hall: Dominique Anglade, Quebec Liberal Party

The Quebec Community Groups Network hosts a series of virtual town halls with provincial party leaders ahead of the 2022 provincial election. The purpose of this series is to discuss electoral issues of importance to English-speaking Quebecers and our community’s place in Quebec.

The first guest in this series is Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade. Former radio host Royal Orr fills the role of moderator.

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OPEN LETTER: Upcoming election crucial for English-speaking community

The QCGN submits an open letter titled “Upcoming election crucial for English-speaking community.”

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Quebec community groups say election will be “pivotal” for Anglophones

QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig speaks with CBC’s Sudha Krishnan about the recent report by Statistics Canada, showing some growth within Quebec’s English-speaking community, as well as the upcoming provincial election.

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QCGN Election Platform

QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig joins Global News’ Andrea Howick to discuss the organization’s platform for the Quebec election, and the questions it is posing to the provincial party leaders.

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