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What Is in Store for Anglophones?

In an interview with Caroline Van Vlaardingen of CTV Montreal, Quebec Community Groups Network President Geoffrey Chambers said the community will be keeping a close eye on the new Coalition Avenir Québec government, ensuring that the concerns of English-speaking Quebecers are not ignored.

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Your Vote: Montreal’s Community Groups

City News’ Tina Tenneriello speaks with QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers on the importance of the English-speaking vote on election day.

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Quebec election notebook: A day later, ‘callous’ Liberal election sign still stands in Irish cemetery

Victor Boyle started hearing about it early Tuesday morning via Facebook.

Large election signs — two touting the Parti Québécois, one the Liberals — had popped up next to the Black Rock in the median of Bridge St. near the Victoria Bridge.

One of the most solemn places for Montreal’s Irish community, the boulder commemorates the 6,000 poor Irish immigrants who escaped the Great Famine only to die of typhus in Montreal. They were buried in mass graves near the bridge. 

“It’s a cemetery, there are 6,000 people buried under those (election) signs,” said Boyle, who drove to Montreal from his home in Hemmingford to see for himself. “They’re desecrating 6,000 Irish souls.”

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Irish Community Angered by Posters

On the election campaign today, Montreal’s Irish community denounced the installation of two big billboards near the Black Rock memorial.

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What Do Anglos Want this Election?

The stakes are high as Quebec’s first-ever televised English-language provincial leaders debate is coming up on September 17. Joanne and Elias are joined on the BT Panel by Harold Staviss, lawyer & language activist; Geoffrey Chambers, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network; and Christopher Curtis, reporter from the Montreal Gazette.

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