Les jeunes anglos réclament de meilleurs cours de français

La Presse, Martin Croteau

Les jeunes anglophones du Québec veulent de meilleurs cours de français. C’est l’une des conclusions d’une conférence organisée, durant le week-end, pour contrer la saignée qui menace des dizaines de petites communautés en région.

[…] ”Il y a environ 200 000 anglophones dispersés dans les autres régions du Québec, et ces communautés font face à un défi énorme à cause de l’exode des jeunes ”, explique Robert Donnelly, président de Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), organisme qui regroupe une trentaine de groupes communautaires de langue anglaise. Read more…

Bilingualism burdens young anglos: report

The Montreal Gazette, Hubert Bauch

The burden of bilingualism chafes on young anglos in Quebec. Many feel that even speaking both languages still leaves them second-class citizens.

A consultation with 300 young anglophones from all parts of the province conducted by the Quebec Community Groups Network found most are eager to integrate with the francophone milieu, but encounter obstacles, either because their school-taught French isn’t good enough, or because francophones are unwelcoming. Read more…

Young people discuss young people challenges

The Sherbrooke Record

A hundred English-speaking youth from across the province will meet this weekend at Concordia University to discuss the challenges facing young people in Quebec, review the findings of recent consultations held across the province and develop recommendations for the future of Quebec’s English-speaking communities.

The GÉNÉRATION Youth Forum, organized by the Quebec Community Groups Network Youth Standing Committee, will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Concordia University. This event will be attedded by youths aged 18 to 29 from across Quebec and leaders from the English-speaking community. Read more…

New web portal for English-speaking youth

The Low Down

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) recently announced that it is seeking submissions for a new web portal for English-speaking Quebec youth. The portal, developed in partnership with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, is designed to provide English-speaking youth with an online forum and place to connect with others and share resources.

The website will include information and resources on all Quebec regions. ”This website will be a great first step in reaching out to English-speaking youth all over the province”, said Shawna Dunbar, co-chair of the QCGN Youth Standing Committee. Read more…