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Poll shows francophone support for rights of English speakers

Poll commissioned by the QCGN shows that a majority of French-speaking Quebecers support the rights of English-speaking Quebecers.

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Support for English-language school boards in Quebec is growing: poll

Some 90 per cent of Quebec respondents to a Léger survey commissioned by the QCGN say that English-language schools boards are important. About 93 per cent indicate that they feel that the Quebec government’s plan to eliminate these school boards would put minority rights at risk, with only 13 per cent saying they support the government.

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French-speaking Quebecers support anglo rights

French-speaking Quebecers strongly support the rights of English-speaking Quebecers, according to the November poll by Léger conducted for the QCGN. 

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French-speaking Quebecers Strongly Support Right of English-speaking Citizens to Obtain Government Services in English – Poll

Quebecers, both French and English, agree that English-speaking Quebecers should have equal access to government services in their own language. This is one of the conclusions of polling conducted for the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN).

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