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Tom Mulcair: Dark days for Quebec anglos

“As another long year in politics draws to a close, the English-speaking community of Quebec finds itself as hard-pressed as at any time in recent history,” writes former politician Tom Mulciar. Among the few bright spots this year, Mulcair adds, is the QCGN’s “well-crafted” open letter to Parliamentarians, calling for the removal of the Charter of the French Language from Bill C-13.

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Federal Bill C-13 will be disastrous for Canadians and Canada

“All Canadians should be outraged by Bill C-13,” writes William Steinberg, former Mayor of Hampstead. “The biggest problem with C-13 can be fixed easily by removing all references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language. The Quebec Community Groups Network has prepared an open letter to the honourable David T. Lametti,” he adds: “Thousands have already signed the letter. I urge you to sign and [share] with as many people as you can.”

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Safeguard minority language rights

“Bill C-13 purports to modernize our Official Languages Act. But what the government of Canada is really proposing is to create a discriminatory language regime in Quebec that will not apply to the rest of Canada,” reads the QCGN’s open letter to federal Justice Minister David Lametti, calling for all mention of the Charter of the French Language to be removed from Bill C-13.

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Dear Mr. Premier: English-speaking Quebecers are full-fledged, contributing members of Quebec society

English-speaking Quebecers are proud Quebecers who reject the Coalition Avenir Québec’s decision to label our community as “historic anglophones” and its plan to limit government services in our own language to citizens who are eligible to attend English schools.

That is the message 96 English-speaking Quebecers signed in an open letter to Premier François Legault.

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