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English-speaking Quebecers launched a Plea to Save the CBC

The North Shore News

(QCGN) English-speaking Quebecers in Montreal, and particularly those in the regions, are concerned about the latest round of cutbacks at CBC and Radio-Canada. They fear that deep cuts to news and programming at our public broadcaster will do irreparable harm to basic news services and programming. They also expressed concerns that the very existence of an institution that that is dear to their hearts is threatened and, with that, the vitality of English-speaking communities in Quebec. “To survive, our communities need to be strong and visible” noted Robert Donnelly, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network. “Coverage by the CBC is one of the factors that helps us maintain vitality in our communities, many of then far flung and with little or no access to private English broadcasters. Many English-speaking Quebecers are also listeners and viewers of Radio-Canada, which sometimes talks about our communities and provides strong and effective coverage of the greater society in which we live.”  Read more…

La communauté anglophone du Québec appuie à son tour Radio-Canada

Le Devoir, Paul Cauchon

La communauté anglophone du Québec lance sa propre campagne de soutien à Radio-Canada, en écho à celle qui a été lancée la semaine dernière par le Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada. “CBC, c’est un véhicule-clé pour notre communauté, et de nombreux anglophones écoutent également Radio-Canada en français”, explique Michael Goldbloom, un des porte-parole de la campagne de soutien. “Radio-Canada contribue à jeter des ponts entre anglophones et francophones”, ajoute-t-il. Read more… 

A province-wide coalition asking for the massive reinvestment of Canada’s public broadcaster has launched an English-language campaign

Sarah Rogers, The Sherbrooke Record

Community leaders come together in Montreal Wednesday to promote the I Am We Are for a Quality Public Broadcaster, a movement responding to budget cuts to both the CBC and Radio-Canada across the country. The effort builds on the French-language Je Suis Nous Sommes campaign that is collecting signatures to approach the federal government for more stable financing of both broadcasters in Quebec. In late March, Radio-Canada, along with its English-language counterpart CBC, announced that a $171 million budget shortfall would force the public broadcaster to cut about 800 jobs as well as radio and television programming. As a result, Radio-Canada in the Estrie will lose its midday television news broadcast as of June 20. The Quebec Community Network – CBC’s radio broadcast off the island of Montreal, will lose its producer while its Sherbrooke reporter has been cut to part-time. Read more…