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Ottawa has paid billions for English in Quebec

Deep into its coverage regarding the Bloc Québécois targeting of federal funding for the English-speaking community of Quebec – and after quoting an assertion by Parti Québécois Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon that it is “as inconceivable as it is unacceptable that our taxes are used to finance our own assimilation so openly and clearly” – Le Devoir takes note of yesterday’s statement by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN): “Support for official language minority communities across the country aims to promote the vitality of these communities, whether they are French-speaking or English-speaking.”

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Parti Quebecois adopts measure to reduce English school funding

During CTV’s morning show Your Morning, Geoffrey Chambers, vice-president of the QCGN, and a Dawson College student, Simon Bérubé, discussed a measure that could limite English CEGEPs funding if the Parti Québécois is elected. Many reasons were put forward to limit the impact of its application, one of which would be its unconstitutionality. Furthermore, the French-speaking student explains that there is not much acceptance of such a measure since learning English allow young students to open themselves to the world.

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Controversy in Quebec as more French students choose English college

“Simon Berube loves Quebec, its culture, French language and people, but he and his parents decided the best thing he could do for his future was to enrol in one of the province’s English-language junior colleges.”

Many French-speaking Quebecers are choosing to attend Quebec’s English CEGEPs, a choice that could be revoked pending Parti Québécois’s win in 2018 elections.

Geoffrey Chambers, VP of the QCGN, says the English-speaking community of Quebec is used to have its institutions threatened by political parties, and this debate merely is identity politics.

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Lisée à la conquête des communautés culturelles (FR)

“L’ancien ministre de la métropole et responsable de la communauté anglophone sous le gouvernement Marois a appris sa leçon. Maintenant qu’il est le chef des forces souverainistes et qu’il a en main un rapport d’étape Repensez le PQ, Jean-François Lisée se lance à la conquête des communautés culturelles et anglophones du Québec.”

Saying he wants to attract more cultural communities to the Parti Québécois, Jean-François Lisée was visiting Dawson College to make a speech to English-speaking students. He acknowledges the misconnection with those communities since the last referendum and he tries to make amend.

The Quebec Community Groups Network welcomes this political move, but do not think the English-speaking communities it represents will become members in a second.

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