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Anglophones are helping English-speaking newcomers integrate and that’s good for Quebec: QCGN

“Efforts by Quebec’s anglophone communities and institutions to help English-speaking newcomers successfully integrate into Quebec society should be financially and politically supported by the Quebec government, the director general of the Quebec Community Groups Network said Wednesday.”

English-speakers are seen like the poster children of integration in Quebec by Sylvia Martin-Laforge, director general of the QCGN. During the one-day conference hosted by the QCGN and sponsored by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, she also mentioned the Quebec government do not help English-language institutions and groups from helping newcomers integrate.

The conference hosted three panels that addressed how faith-based organizations and municipalities among other institutions helped welcoming English-speaking newcomers. Most of the discussion revolved around the understanding that Quebec was a French-speaking province, but that groups can help newcomers grasp that diversity in a country that recognizes linguistic duality.

Read the full article in the Montreal Gazette.

Majority of Quebecers want curriculum to include history of minorities

“Almost 80 per cent of Quebecers believe it is important to learn about the role of minorities in Quebec history, according to the results of a survey released Wednesday.”

Michelle Lalonde reports on a survey conducted by the QCGN and the Association for Canadian Studies. From this survey, which you can find a Powerpoint of the results here, almost 80 per cent of Quebecers believe it is important to learn about the role of minorities in Quebec history. Jack Jedwab comments on the survey and about the nationalist focus taken by the new history curriculum. Eric Maldoff also commented the survey by discussing the role school boards have to intervene for a curriculum that reflects the lingustic minority of Quebec, amongst the minorities underrepresented.

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