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Trailblazing journalist Gretta Chambers bridged Quebec’s two solitudes

“As a journalist, a committed federalist and the first female chancellor of McGill University, Gretta Chambers was a multitasking trailblazer. Opinionated, forthright and gracious, this tiny, elegant woman bridged Quebec’s two solitudes effortlessly, explaining each group to the other – especially during turbulent times.”

This obituary written in the Globe and Mail celebrates Gretta Chambers’ many lifetime achievements. Michael Goldbloom, principal and vice-chancellor of Bishop’s University, praised her knowledge of both communities in Quebec, and reminisced about meeting her when attending Selwyn House at five years old.

It’s also where Michael met Geoffrey Chambers, now vice-president of the QCGN. Geoffrey also recounts the many great things Gretta has done for her son, from preparing meal for the entire football team, and the things she has done for her community.

Read the article in the Globe and Mail


Trudeau’s visit to the Sherbrooke Armoury has English community up in arms

“During Tuesday evening’s ‘town hall’ discussion held at the Armoury in Sherbrooke, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opted to speak in French only, despite the fact that more than half the questions that evening were posed in English.”

Read the full article in the Sherbrooke Record

Vues et Voix – Série “Expression anglaise”: Segment #14

Le Quebec Community Groups Network a collaboré avec l’émission de radio Vues et Voix, anciennement connue sous le nom de la Magnétothèque, sur une série d’entrevues visant à faire connaître la communauté d’expression anglaie. L’objectif de cette série spéciale est de parler des préoccupations, des réussites et des défis de notre communauté. Écoutez ci-dessous le quatorzième segment avec Monsieur Michael Goldbloom, principal à l’Université Bishop’s.

Vues et Voix – “Expression anglaise” Series: Segment #14

The Quebec Community Groups Network is working with Vues & Voix, formerly la Magnétothèque, on a series of reports on Quebec’s English-speaking community. The idea behind the weekly conversations with our community is to talk about our preoccupations, our successes, and our challenges. Listen to the fourteenth segment below with Michael Goldbloom, Principal and Vice-Chancellor at Bishop’s University.