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Ça va trop loin, or not far enough? Quebec passes controversial new law to ‘promote and enhance’ French

The tug-of-war over Bill 96, which was approved Tuesday, pitted the majority government and politicians who declared the French language’s viability was at stake against advocates who warned the law could weaken civil liberties in Canada’s second most populous province.

“Bill 96 will make it virtually impossible for someone to receive quality health and social services in English,” Marlene Jennings, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, an advocacy organization for English speakers in the province, told POLITICO ahead of the vote. “It’s going to have a negative drag across the board.”

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Will Bill 96 affect how English-speakers in the province receive health care?

Bill 96 – according to the Quebec government – is a moderate reform that will improve protection for French-language while preserving English services. But critics say the bill will limit access to health care and more.

“Little exemption appears to only apply if someone’s life is in imminent danger of death,” said Marlene Jennings, president of Quebec Community Groups Network.

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Les craintes de la réforme de la Charte de la langue française

“Premier Legault, can you hear us now?” said QCGN President Marlene Jennings during the May 14 protest against Bill 96.

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Statement by The Honourable Marlene Jennings, P.C. President of the Quebec Community Groups Network on the Adoption of Bill 96

For more than a year, the QCGN has been doing its best to convince the Quebec government of the shortcomings of Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec. Unfortunately, our concerns as well as those of countless Quebecers including organizations representing our business, education, health and social services, human rights and legal sectors, have been ignored.

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Bill 96: Five reasons Quebec’s language law reform is stirring controversy

A protest against Quebec’s proposed overhaul of its language law drew a large crowd in Montreal on Saturday.

Marlene Jennings, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, an anglophone advocacy group, says the law could prevent hundreds of thousands of English speakers from accessing health care in their language.

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Opponents of Bill 96 are spreading ‘disinformation’: Legault

Premier François Legault accused opponents of Bill 96 of engaging in “disinformation,” saying he heard many express concerns about the bill in recent days that are just not true.

Reacting to Legault’s comments, Quebec Community Groups Network president Marlene Jennings turned the tables, saying the government is also spreading false information.

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Craintes de voir l’anglais «éradiqué» du Québec

The minister responsible for the French language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, has found the “perfect formula” to “eradicate” the English-speaking minority in Quebec, warns the president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), Marlene Jennings. She no longer knows in which language to say it in order to be taken seriously.

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Bill 96 erodes Quebec’s social contract

QCGN President Marlene Jennings writes: “The QCGN and I have been asking the government ever since Bill 96 was tabled almost a year ago why it is necessary to create a Charter-free zone with respect to a wide range of interactions between individuals and the state in Quebec in order to promote the use of the French language. This is an issue with far-reaching implications for ALL Quebecers, not only English-speaking Quebecers.”

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Quebec higher education minister denies discrimination in Dawson College decision

Many Quebec anglophones are furious with the government’s decision to pull funding for an expansion at Dawson College.

Quebec Community Groups Network’s Marlene Jennings said the premier is playing partisan politics.

“He’s telling anglophones: ‘Disappear, be quiet, we don’t want to see you,’ and he’s telling francophones, ‘You don’t have the right and the freedom to choose where you get educated,’” she said.

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Dawson College expansion controversy

In a decision that has angered educators and enflamed language tensions, the Legault government has shelved plans to expand Dawson College. QCGN president Marlene Jennings joins Global’s Laura Casella to weigh in on the controversial move.

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