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In our last blog, we explained the different variables Statistics Canada uses to classify linguistic minority groups. We discussed Mother Tongue; Language Spoken Most Often at Home; and First Official Language Spoken (FOLS). We also described how these variables are employed to use language as a marker of cultural identity (group identity), or to track the use of a language.

Like many community organizations serving English-speaking Quebec, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) uses FOLS to determine the size of our linguistic minority community. Our diverse community is more accurately reflected with this approach, because FOLS includes non-English mother-tongue speakers who use English as their main language. It also most precisely reflects the population requiring services in English.

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Clear linguistic divide on secularism revealed in Quebec: Poll

English-speaking Quebecers and other linguistic minority groups would be more open than French-speaking Quebecers when it comes to religious minorities according to a new Léger poll. More broadly, it highlights the presence of a clear linguistic divide on issues relating to secularism.

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