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More French second language

Le Bulletin d’Aylmer

The Regional Association of West Quebecers (RAWQ) and Canadian Parents for French – Quebec (CPF-Q) have thrown their support behind the Western Quebec School Board’s recommendation for an increase in minutes of use of French second-language. […] A study of English-speaking youth in Quebec by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has concluded that these youth see bilingualism as one of the keys to success in Quebec. Improved bilingualism is a powerful tool allowing Anglophones to participate more fully in Quebec’s society and economy. Shaun Peppy, head of RAWQ’s youth initiatives, says, “English-speaking youth are open to becoming funtionally bilingual; they need the tools to do so. The entire community must take on (this) responsibility”. Drawing on its recent consultations with youth, RAWQ and CPF-Q will begin creating informal opportunities for young people to improve ther French language skills outside of the school setting. Read more…

D’Arcy McGee students take French-speaking honours

The West Quebec Post

[…] Improved French skills are a key aspiration for Quebec’s anglophone youth as highlighted in the Quebec Community Groups Network’s recent study, “Creating Spaces”. Read more…