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Recalling the question that divided families, and the night the No side won

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers, who worked for the No camp during the 1980 referendum on Quebec sovereignty, said the English community was fairly united on the No side, but in other communities “there were families in which you couldn’t talk about it.” Read more

A divisive history class – Repairing an error (FR)

“En gestation depuis deux ans, le nouveau cours Histoire du Québec et du Canada fait progressivement son entrée au secondaire. Les écoles qui veulent l’enseigner dès cette année peuvent le faire; mais il faudra attendre la rentrée 2017 avant que ce cours, axé sur les «particularités du parcours de la société québécoise», ne devienne obligatoire.”

In a two-part article in Le Soleil, education reporter Patricia Cloutier notes that while minor modifications have been made Quebec’s new history curriculum for Secondary 3 students, the changes have not addressed concerns of Quebec’s English-speaking communities. The QCGN notes the course is still not inclusive of Quebec’s minority communities that have contributed to the development of this province, especially English-speaking Quebecers, indigenous people and newcomers.

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