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QCGN Congratulates New MUHC Board and Pledges its Support

Montreal – September 18, 2017 – The Quebec Community Groups Network welcomes the appointment of a new Board of Directors at the McGill University Health Centre. We strongly hope that this will allow the resolution once and for all of systemic issues and the ongoing standoff between one of our most important institutions and the Quebec government.

“We congratulate Peter Kruyt and the other members of the new MUHC board who have taken on this formidable task. We look forward to helping and supporting them in dealing with the major challenges facing the MUHC,” said QCGN President James Shea. “Quebec’s English-speaking community counts on the new board and Health Minister Gaétan Barrette to provide the MUHC with all the tools it needs to thrive and continue to serve all Quebecers with the high level of specialized and super-specialized care they require.”

“For many months now, the QCGN has been concerned about the deteriorating situation at the MUHC and the inability of its leaders to come to a workable arrangement, along the same lines many other institutions which had been facing tough negotiations with Health Minister Barrette and his ministry officials,” said QCGN Vice-President Geoffrey Chambers. “But we remain troubled that the process to name the new board does not appear to have included input from members of the community who have in-depth knowledge of the community and of our health and social services network.”

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Allison Hanes: Ready for a reset at the MUHC

The dust has settled since 10 independent members of the McGill University Health Centre’s board of directors quit in disgust two months ago, leaving a gaping hole in the governance of one of Montreal’s most important hospital networks and a major political problem for Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette.

After the mass resignation of 10 board members and a lukewarm explanation to the English-speaking community, Gaétan Barrette said he has a list of 20 candidates from which to strike a new board. However, Allison Hanes writes that it takes bravery for anyone to step up and fix the MUHC, especially after the tense and toxic relationship between Barrette and the last board.

The QCGN was caught in the crossfire when it was revealed they were working quietly behind the scenes to overhaul the board. She also hinted that Barrette should choose wisely MUHC board members so they have legitimacy in eyes of the English-speaking population, also that this new board should be a way to reset the situation in this institution.

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Ten independent board members of MUHC resign en masse

The 10 independent members of the board of directors of the McGill University Health Centre resigned en masse Monday, saying they have been hamstrung by Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette.

The board said it cannot function effectively with a health minister who threatens trusteeship, especially since it can’t even name its chair or CEO. This exodus was a reaction on a series of hurtful events, one of which was the media release of several reports on the MUHC commissioned by the Health Department.

Parti Québécois health critic Diane Lamarre said the MUHC showdown demonstrates Barrette absolute authority over health institutions. The QCGN welcomed the mass resignation as a way of resolving the crisis of governance.

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Community looks forward to MUHC resolution

Montreal, July 10, 2017 – The crisis in governance and leadership at the McGill University Health Centre has moved a substantial step closer to being resolved following today’s mass resignation of independent board members, said the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN).

“Each of these board members deserves to be commended for having done the right thing,” said QCGN Vice-president Geoffrey Chambers. “The English-speaking community acknowledges the sincere effort and hard work that each has given during their Board service. They have earned our respect and our thanks, in equal measure.”

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Let’s Shift the Focus to Underlying Issues at McGill University Health Centre

Montreal, May 19, 2017 – The English-speaking community should be reassured this morning that major parties now acknowledge the leadership vacuum that exists within the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and are agreed on the urgent need to resolve it. In particular, the Quebec Community Groups Network warmly welcomes the admission by the MUHC Foundations that such a crisis exists.

Both the Foundations and Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette agree with us that recent developments have opened up the way to a constructive approach. We must all work together to remedy the systemic MUHC problems. The situation cannot simply be allowed to further deteriorate.

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Barrette surprised by poor Anglophone health

Quebec’s Health Minister, Gaetan Barrette, says that he is surprised to hear that there are significant gaps between the health of English and French speaking populations in the Estrie region.

Asked about the implications of a recent report by Santé Public Estrie, the Health Minister said he had not seen the report at all. This report, which looks at the overall health and well being of the local English minority population, highlights a poorer state of health among English speakers.

“The rural people are not being reached”, says Carol Mooney, President of the Massawippi Valley Health Center in Ayer’s Cliff. Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director of CHSSN welcomed the report as institutional proof for claims that community groups have been making for years. QCGN VP Geoffrey Chambers echoed Johnson’s positive attitude saying it gave an honest picture of a difficult situation.

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Anglo groups satisfied with Quebec health reform

Eric Maldoff and Richard Walling explain gains for Quebec’s English-speaking community following the adoption of Bill 10.

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Dark days for Quebec healthcare

It’s a dark moment for Quebec health care. The first part of a system-wide reform was rammed through the National Assembly in the wee hours of Saturday morning after a marathon sitting to adopt controversial Bill 10.

The new law will abolish regional health agencies and merge the governing bodies of 182 hospitals, long-term care homes and rehabilitation centres into 34 mega-boards. It’s a centralization of control under the guise of cost savings. But from the start, the ill-conceived law conflated community representation with bureaucracy. The result is reforms that will put distance between patients and the health establishments that serve them.

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Anglos win healthcare concessions

The QCGN says a disaster has been averted as Gaétan Barrette made the changes they sought in the newly-passed Bill 10.

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Healthcare reform law not so devastating to Quebec Anglos after all

English-speaking Quebecers will not be getting such a raw deal from the province in the newly-passed health care reform after all.

A long and tough set of negotiations to allow English Quebecers to maintain some control over their health care institutions in the Bill 10 reform has ended without too much heartbreak, the Quebec Community Groups Network announced at a press conference Monday.

The recently-passed health care reform initially threatened to greatly diminish anglo input in health care institutions but changes were made in the legislation to assuage some of those concerns.

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