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Family escapes domestic violence, denied youth protection services in English

A Montreal family is speaking out about their fight to get youth protection services in English. After escaping domestic violence in 2010, the family was sent to the Centre Jeunesse de Montréal, where they were provided with unilingual francophone caseworkers.

The family filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission but the case was dismissed. Minority-rights groups are now calling for an independent investigation into the commission’s decision.

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Montreal’s mayor criticized for too much English in city’s budget documents

“Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante is under fire over her administration’s newly released budget. While the opposition has expressed its anger over tax increases, the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste (SSJB), as well as Mouvement Montréal français (MMF), are taking aim not at the content of the budget — but its language.”

Two Montreal-based nationalist groups criticized the Plante administration because the budget documents were drafted in both English and French. The Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Mouvement Montréal français said the city violated the first article in its charter by having bilingual budget documents. Budgets by the city are generally presented in both English and French, a practice that predates Valérie Plante’s election.

The QCGN was critical of the joint statement, asking whether tax increases only affected French-speaking Montrealers in a Tweet.

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Goldbloom Awards celebrate achievements of English community leaders in Quebec

The annual event established by the QCGN is meant to honour individuals who have made an impact on Quebec’s English-speaking community. Clifford Lincoln, James Carter, Sid Stevens and Earl De La Perralle, were each winners of the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award, while Claudia Di Iorio won the Young Quebecers Leading the Way Award.

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