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QCGN satisfied Bill 10 compromises will protect the rights of English-speaking communities

Montreal – February 9, 2015 –  

After months of intense and delicate negotiations with Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette and his office, the community obtained some significant changes to Bill 10 that will preserve many of our institutions despite the loss of their individual board of directors. These changes to the government’s health reform legislation will ensure the participation and engagement of English-speaking Quebecers to ensure the health and social service network is responsive to the needs of our communities.

When he tabled Bill 10 in September, Health Minister Gaétan Barrette stated that his goal was to streamline the health and social service network and to cut costs. While most in our community support these valid goals, we disagreed with the elimination of the boards of directors of our institutions,” said QCGN President Dan Lamoureux.

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Le projet de loi 10 deviendra loi d’ici la fin de semaine

Dans ce texte sur le site Web de CJAD, la journaliste Angelica Montgomery rapporte que le projet de loi 10 sera adopté d’ici la fin de semaine. Elle mentionne que le QCGN considère que le texte final sur lequel les élus se prononceront n’a pas encore été finalisé. 

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Bill 10 becomes law by this weekend

By Angelica Montgomorety, The Gazette

Anglophones have been eyeing bill 10 with caution ever since it was tabled in September.

The legislation will get rid of most local health administrations, including the ones traditionally run by and for members of the English-speaking community.

The bill has now been creeping through the typical steps toward becoming law for months.

Now, Liberals say the work is so painfully slow that they must now resort to an exceptional procedure, officially known as invoking closure, but more commonly called the “gag order.”

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Gaétan Barrette says he’s aware anglophone-rights groups fear loss of service, control over hospitals

The Laval News

Quebec Health Minister promises solutions for anglophone community

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says he and his officials are working with anglophone groups to address the community’s concerns over his massive health reform. He says a solution is imminent to relieve their worries.

Since the day the Barrette introduced his overhaul of the health care system, anglophone-rights groups decried the lack of protection for English-speakers and their health institutions, including hospitals, in the bill.

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English-speaking community very concerned about Barrette reform bill

Montreal, September 25, 2014 – 

The Quebec Community Groups Network and its community stakeholders are concerned about a massive reorganization of the health care sector.  We are apprehensive about the impact these profound changes will have on our community’s capacity to remain involved in institutions which are essential to our vitality and identity.

While Dr. Barrette stated that linguistic status for bilingual “installations” – no longer institutions – will be maintained as stipulated in article 29.1 of Quebec’s Charter of the French Language, hospitals will lose their Boards of Directors which may or may not be replaced with advisory boards that have absolutely no power. As written, the law says advisory boards will be set up if professionals in installations request them.  If the boards are set up, they will be named by the minister, not chosen by our community.

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