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A ticking constitutional time bomb

The federal government appears to be sleep-walking past a ticking constitutional timebomb to avoid provoking Premier François Legault, all the while ignoring whatever perilous consequences its current approach might entail, write Eva Ludvig and Joan Fraser, QCGN president and board member, respectively.

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Opinion: A ’frontal attack’ on Quebecers? It’s by Legault, on rights

Premier Legault’s recent Twitter outburst “should not deter the Trudeau government from seeking a Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the notwithstanding clause,” writes Joan Fraser, a former senator and editor in chief of the Montreal Gazette, as well as current QCGN board member.

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English is not in peril in Quebec, François Legault says

“English is not a species in peril in Quebec,” says Premier François Legault in response to federal Liberal MPs defending Quebec’s English-speaking community during a committee meeting examining Bill C-13. The QCGN maintains that Bill C-13 tramples on the rights of Quebec Anglophones due to the Bill’s reference to the Charter of the French Language.

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QCGN Calls for Appointment of a Dedicated Minister Responsible for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) congratulates François Legault on his re-election as Premier of Quebec and looks forward to a fresh start in relations between the English-speaking community of Quebec and the Quebec government. We also reiterate our recommendation for the appointment of a dedicated Minister Responsible for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers.

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Protection du français : Au-delà de la loi 96

Premier François Legault’s alarmist attitude and actions when it comes to the protection of French has caused bridges to be burned between the Quebec government and the English-speaking community, says QCGN Director-General Sylvia Martin-Laforge. She explains that many Anglophones view various measures by the Quebec government, such as Bill 96, as a direct attack on the vitality of their communities. “We don’t want that to cause an exodus,” Martin-Laforge adds: “We must rediscover a spirit of social cohesion.”

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Legault doubles down on decline of French as Bill 96 is signed into law

D’Arcy-McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum, the party’s point person for the English-speaking community, reported hearing Legault make remarks about citizens in the West Island in the legislature during the question period.

The premier received a strong rebuke from the Quebec Community Groups Network, the umbrella group for English-language organizations.

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Opponents of Bill 96 are spreading ‘disinformation’: Legault

Premier François Legault accused opponents of Bill 96 of engaging in “disinformation,” saying he heard many express concerns about the bill in recent days that are just not true.

Reacting to Legault’s comments, Quebec Community Groups Network president Marlene Jennings turned the tables, saying the government is also spreading false information.

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Quebec accused of launching ‘culture war’ on English with strict French language law

The Daily Telegraph reports: “[Quebec’s] ruling nationalist party, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) says tough measures are ‘urgently required’ for the survival of the French language… but critics say it will penalise bilingualism.”

“It’s nothing against English Quebecers,” says Premier François Legault: “It’s about protecting French.”

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Opposition Grows to Restrictive Definition of English-speaking Community

MONTREAL, December 16, 2021 – More than three dozen organizations are telling Premier François Legault that his restrictive definition of an historic English-language community is unfair and unacceptable.

These groups, from across Quebec and from multiple sectors including arts and culture, education and health and social services have endorsed a resolution opposing the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s plan to limit government services in English to what the premier defines as “historic anglophones” – only individuals eligible to attend school in English in Quebec.

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Dear Mr. Premier: English-speaking Quebecers are full-fledged, contributing members of Quebec society

English-speaking Quebecers are proud Quebecers who reject the Coalition Avenir Québec’s decision to label our community as “historic anglophones” and its plan to limit government services in our own language to citizens who are eligible to attend English schools.

That is the message 96 English-speaking Quebecers signed in an open letter to Premier François Legault.

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