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Official languages: billions from the federal government for English in Quebec for over 20 years

Pascal Vachon of #ONfr summarizes many of the talking points of the freshly launched Bloc Québécois campaign to undercut federal funding that assists Quebec’s English-speaking community. The story cites the QCGN statement contesting the foundation of MP Mario Beaulieu’s approach, including his ”completely erroneous” assertion that federal funding is being used to anglicize Quebec.

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Les anglophones, inquiets et indécis

After “20 or 30 years” of “linguistic peace,” many in Quebec’s English-speaking community are worried about the future, says QCGN interim president Eva Ludvig. Data from surveys on the QCGN’s website indicate that many fear that the concerns of the English-speaking community are not being taken into account by the provincial government.

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(Video) Anglophone seniors living outside Montreal deplores limited access to English-language newspapers

English-speaking residents outside the greater Montreal area say they feel cut off, even abandoned. For months, they haven’t been able to get their hands on publications of most English-language newspapers.
“It really affects the vitality of our community in terms of access to what’s going on,” says Eva Ludvig, a board member of the Quebec Community Groups Network.

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Community Group Says Bill 96 Limits the Rights of Anglophones

In an open letter written by Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) to Premier Legault, QCGN states that the government definition of “English Eligible” is limiting and minority groups, under international norms, should define themselves. The current definition of English Eligible excludes between 300,000 and 500,000 English-speaking Quebecers, making the category far from inclusive and limiting the access to government services in English.

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Montreal and special interest groups’ reactions mixed after Quebec budget

An unexpected area of funding was the $4 million for English-speaking Quebecers, money the Quebec Community Group Network (QCGN) expects to help get English speakers better access to government services.

“To gather actual statistical data that can be used to determine where the gaps are, where we need help,” said QCGN president Marlene Jennings.

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We are all Quebecers: #OuiOurQuebec

#OuiOurQuebec is a community campaign which celebrates English-speaking Quebecers and their contributions to making this province a great place to live.

Initiated by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) in cooperation with many of its members, community organizations and individuals, it seeks not only to highlight our contributions and sense of belonging, but also to challenge persistent, widespread and often false beliefs about our community.

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Editorial: Education and English-speaking Quebecers

A strong English-language education system, from kindergarten to university, is essential to the vitality of the English-speaking community.

A strong English-language education system, from kindergarten to university, is essential to the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking community. It allows anglophones to be schooled in their mother tongue, reinforcing their ability not only to speak, but also write the language properly, and increases the chances of students’ success. Not all students have the capacity to flourish academically in a second language. English educational institutions, many of which have deep roots in Quebec, also preserve a sense of community identity; serve as incubators for future community leaders (not only students, but also parents who participate in school governance); provide opportunities for anglophones to work in English. As well, schools serve as important community gathering places, especially outside of Montreal.

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Opinion: Include anglos in efforts to boost French

It’s time for francophones and anglophones to work more closely together on linguistic issues. Here’s how.

If the government of Quebec wants to strengthen the French language, it should do so in partnership with English-speaking Quebecers, not treat them as an opponent.

Anglophones know that French requires some form of protection and promotion by the governments of Quebec and Canada, given the language’s minority status in the country and, indeed, on the continent.

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Premier’s point-man for English speaking Quebecers says he’d like to see free French lessons for Anglos

(VIDEO) Christopher Skeete, the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, speaks about the outcome of a consultation of English-speaking Quebecers.

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Opinion: Time for CAQ government to stop seeing anglos as a problem

Rather than picking fights with our community, we urge the Legault government to alter course, work with us, and cease defining us as a problem, writes QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers in this opinion piece for The Gazette. Chambers argues that today’s English-speaking community is invested in Quebec. We have encouraged and enabled our children to develop French-language skills. We accept and celebrate the predominance of French as the linguistic and cultural norm here. We don’t see ourselves, our language, or our culture as something bad that must be suppressed. Our community’s bilingualism is an asset to be celebrated — as multilingualism is applauded in any European country. Read more