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Roughly $280M of Federal Languages Action Plan for English Quebecers

“There are specific programs in here for English-speaking Quebec, and there is work to be done by our community sectors to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to us,” says Sylvia Martin-Laforge, QCGN director general. QCGN President Eva Ludvig notes that additional Action Plan funds pledged by Ottawa have been earmarked “for economic development, employment in particular, and arts, culture and the learning of French as a second language for the English-speaking community in Quebec,” However, she warns, implementation is potentially thorny: “These dollars go through the provincial government and we want to be sure that there’s an agreement” between Quebec and Ottawa “to ensure that these monies meet the needs of the English-speaking community, that they are channelled to the community.”

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Lisée says Trudeau should have broken into English; complaints rise

“As a matter of common courtesy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should have spoken English to Quebec anglophones, the leader of the Parti Québécois said Thursday.”

In a follow-up article to Trudeau’s language flap in Sherbrooke, Philip Authier addresses the multiple complaints that have been filed so far to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages. Parti Quebecois leader, Jean-François Lisée, comments Trudeau’s action has no grasp of reality and policy on matters of language and identity and that he sees nothing wrong with speaking English with the English-speaking community of Quebec.

James Shea, president of the QCGN, also noted the whole community has been insulted by Trudeau’s action, and that we need an apology from him. From Davos, Premier Philippe Couillard weighed in saying French may be our common language, but he answers to English-speaking Quebecers in their language.

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QCGN Discusses Concerns of English-speaking Community with Premier Couillard

Quebec City, November 8, 2016 – At a first-ever meeting with Premier Philippe Couillard at the National Assembly Tuesday afternoon representatives from the Quebec Community Groups Network had a frank and positive discussion about Quebec’s support to its English-speaking minority community.

Top of mind were reforms to education and health and social service networks that had major impacts on our institutions; the scarcity of English-speaking Quebecers in the provincial civil service; as well as the importance of retaining youth so they can bolster our communities, support our elders and make positive contributions to the future of Quebec.

Crédit photo: Claude Hurens

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Graham Fraser on the state of the English-speaking community in Quebec

Sylvia Martin-Laforge, Director General of the QCGN, participated in a panel discussion on the state of the English-speaking community in Quebec on Breakfast Television with host Laura Casella. The panel with Canada’s Commssioner of Official Languages, Graham Fraser; the VP of the Association for Canadian Studies, Jack Jedwab; and lawyer Harold Staviss, followed an interview with the Commissioner.

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