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Quebec Community Groups Network looks for new board members

The Chronicle-Telegraph

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is seeking nominations for community leaders to serve as candidates for election to its Board of Directors.

Nominees may come from any of the member organizations of the QCGN, but each member organization may only nominate one candidate. Board members are asked to serve a two-year term from September 2009 to September 2011 with up to two renewable terms. Nominations must be received by July 17, 2009. Read more…

Charest talks economy, skirts language

The Chronicle-Telegraph, Scott French

During a recent visit to Quebec City, Liberal leader Jean Charest, the man who will most likely continue as Quebec’s premier following the December 8 provincial election, shied away from questions about anglophone representation in the province.

[…] Anglos currently hold 0.7 per cent of the province’s bureaucratic positions despite representing 13 per cent of the province’s population, according to the Quebec Community Groups Network. Read more…

Anglos are shunned or taken for granted

The Montreal Gazette, Don Macpherson

‘Political parties assume anglos will vote Liberal, so they don’t woo their vote’

For most readers of this column, this federal election campaign has probably been as much fun as high-school dances are for plain girls.

[…] This was in letters to the leaders of the four parties that elected members to the last Parliament, sent Sept. 12. As of yesterday, only the Bloc (!) and the Liberals had bothered to reply.

In fact, the Bloc was first to reply, only four days after the QCGN sent its letters. But its own two-page letter mostly ignored the QCGN’s questions and said in essence that anglophones would benefit along with other Quebecers from measures the Bloc had already proposed. Read more…


Anglophone issues largely ignored in this campaign

The Montreal Gazette, Robert Donnelly

”Only the Liberals and Bloc bothered to respond to request for policies”

There are many issues in this federal election campaign, and when so many questions are on the table, it can be difficult to get a clear answer on any single one.

For English-speaking people across Quebec, there are several electoral issues that will have an impact, directly or indirectly, on the vitality of our communities.
In the so-called battle for Quebec, no party seems overly eager to reach out for anglophone votes, at least openly.

As president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, I and many in our member organizations have been following the campaign closely. (The QCGN is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization bringing together several English language organizations and key stakeholders, for the purposes of enhancing the vitality of English-speaking minority communities and promoting linguistic duality and bilingualism.) Read more…