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I Don’t Understand Why You Pay Heavy Taxes and Still Don’t Vote

By Natalia Yanchak, Huff Post

Maybe I was a bigger nerd than most, but when I turned 18, I was really excited to finally be able to vote. As a teen in Toronto, I went down to the polling stations at the Polish church on Bloor St W, or to the Keele Community Centre, and always voted. Even if I barely knew what I was voting for, I knew it was my duty as a citizen, as a Canadian, to give at least the smallest toss about politics. I also began doing my taxes, which I looked forward to. At the time I liked filling out forms. Today, not so much.

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Focus Montreal: QCGN director discusses the impact of the upcoming election on Quebec’s English-speaking communities

QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge discusses the impact of the provincial election and talk of another referendum on sovereignty on Quebec’s English-speaking community during an interview with Peter-Anthony Holder on Global Montreal’s current affairs show Focus Montreal.