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Hiking tuition for Quebec’s English universities could have ‘devastating impact’

The Quebec government plans to increase tuition for out-of-province students attending English-language universities. “Institutions play a critical part in the vitality of the community,” says QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge, “so it’s very worrisome if our institutions are threatened by loss of enrolment.”

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LEARN steps up with the Quebec Online Alliance

LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) has organized and launched the Quebec Online Alliance (QOA), marking the first time seven English school boards have come together to offer a unified online service to students who have been granted a medical exemption for the 2021-22 school year.

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QCGN Pleased with New Spending to Support English-speaking Minority

Provincial Budget Prioritizes Health, Education, and Economic Recovery

Montreal, March 25, 2021 – The Quebec Community Groups Network is pleased that Quebec’s budget will strengthen the capacity of community organizations to serve Quebec’s English-speaking minority community by, notably, maintaining and enhancing the network of wellness centres and implementing an employability strategy. The 2021-2022 expenditure budget for the program to strengthen the vitality for English-speaking communities is set at $10.5 million – an increase of $4.0 million from the projected expenditure for 2020-2021.

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Editorial: Education and English-speaking Quebecers

A strong English-language education system, from kindergarten to university, is essential to the vitality of the English-speaking community.

A strong English-language education system, from kindergarten to university, is essential to the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking community. It allows anglophones to be schooled in their mother tongue, reinforcing their ability not only to speak, but also write the language properly, and increases the chances of students’ success. Not all students have the capacity to flourish academically in a second language. English educational institutions, many of which have deep roots in Quebec, also preserve a sense of community identity; serve as incubators for future community leaders (not only students, but also parents who participate in school governance); provide opportunities for anglophones to work in English. As well, schools serve as important community gathering places, especially outside of Montreal.

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Controversial school board reform on hold after Quebec Superior Court grants injunction

A Quebec Superior Court judge has ruled in favour of the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) request for a stay on Bill 40, the law that abolishes school boards and replaces them with service centres.

“We are very pleased with the decision today which has the effect of suspending the application of Bill 40 to English school boards pending a decision on the merits of the case,” said QESBA President Dan Lamoureux. Read more

Quebec court rules in favour of English school boards challenging education reform

Quebec’s English School boards will remain as they are after the province’s superior court judged in favour on a stay of Bill 40 on Monday.

The Quebec English School Board Association (QESBA) is applauding the court’s judgment on the education reform bill, a legislation that abolishes boards across the province and replaces them with service centres. Read more

Huge Victory for Minority Language Rights in Quebec’s Superior Court

The Quebec Community Groups Network applauded a Quebec Superior Court decision to suspend the application of Quebec government reforms to the governance of English school boards while the courts review the constitutionality of Bill 40: An Act to amend mainly the Education Act with regard to school organization and governance.

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Alliance with Anglos of Quebec: The AFO missed the boat

Francophones in Ontario and Anglophones in Quebec should come together on pressing issues such as the modernization of the Official Languages Act and minority language education, but officializing the relationship goes too far, writes Sébastien Pierroz of ONfr.

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Young Anglos want to leave (FR)

“Frustrés et inquiets pour leur avenir, la moitié des jeunes anglophones du Québec estiment que leurs relations avec les francophones sont conflictuelles, au point où certains décident de quitter la province.”

Sixty per cent of young English-speaking Quebecers say they have considered leaving Quebec according to a new poll conducted by Léger for Journal de Montreal. Nearly half said they feel like relationships with francophones are tense and one out of three respondents believe those relationships will deteriorate. English-speaking youth also believe that Bill 101 should be softened, and they would like to see more bilingual signs and be greeted in both languages.

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The Journal de Montréal dedicated much of its weekend editions to news and views about Quebec’s English-speaking minority community:

Bridging the Two Solitudes:

Une solution afin de réunir les deux solitudes

Plus riches, les anglos ? C’est désormais un mythe


Voters’ intention:

Frustrés, ils songent à délaisser le PLQ pour la CAQ


Youth and youth retention:

Ce qui agace les jeunes anglos

Son CV ignoré une centaine de fois

Anglophones de Québec : Quitter pour étudier dans sa langue

Le dernier anglophone à Irlande


Bill 101 and “Bonjour, Hi”:

Plusieurs anglos ont baissé les bras

La controverse du « bonjour, hi »

Le bilinguisme pas assez présent selon les anglos



Plus de 170 km pour être soigné en anglais



Le décrochage endémique à Stanstead

Des écoles menacées de fermeture

Fini, les batailles dans les cours d’écoles



Fatima Houda-Pépin : Les Anglo-Québécois : un rapprochement s’impose

Fatima Houda-Pépin  Ne touchez pas à la loi 101

Isabelle Maréchal: Anglos et francos : même combat

Le blogue des Spin Doctors : L’assimilation tranquille…

Denise Bombardier: Le Québec anglophobe!?

Richard Martineau : 1-800-SAVE-AN-ANGLO

Lise Ravary : Qui a peur des anglos ?

Claude Villeneuve : Tantôt minoritaires, tantôt majoritaires

Controversy in Quebec as more French students choose English college

“Simon Berube loves Quebec, its culture, French language and people, but he and his parents decided the best thing he could do for his future was to enrol in one of the province’s English-language junior colleges.”

Many French-speaking Quebecers are choosing to attend Quebec’s English CEGEPs, a choice that could be revoked pending Parti Québécois’s win in 2018 elections.

Geoffrey Chambers, VP of the QCGN, says the English-speaking community of Quebec is used to have its institutions threatened by political parties, and this debate merely is identity politics.

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