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Tom Mulcair: Quebec Liberals should let Anglade be Anglade

Former Quebec Liberal MNA Thomas Mulcair writes that Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade is a very strong leader, but she’ll need every bit of help she can get if she’s going to pull off an unlikely victory against Premier François Legault next fall. Her chosen themes of environment and inclusion are in her bailiwick and she should be able to articulate a strong vision for real change. He also remarks that the party’s caucus has a history of working with Quebec’s English-speaking community and a reasoned opposition to key sections of Bill 96.

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Analysis: Anglade positions Liberals as green, economic federalist alternative to CAQ

On Sunday, Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade responded to a rebuke sent her way by the Quebec Community Groups Network, which was not amused by her comment Saturday that, push come to shove, anglophones are better off with the Liberals than the CAQ .

“Epic failure to listen to Quebec anglos who are worried about Bill 96,” the QCGN tweeted.

“I disagree with the comment that was made by QCGN,” Anglade said after running down the list of actions the party has taken to stand up for English voters.

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Anglade says anglos better off with Liberals despite lack of language debate

Despite a lack of concrete proposals aimed at the English community, Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade on Saturday said anglophones are still better off with her party than the Coalition Avenir Québec.

Anglade’s comments sparked a sharp rebuke from the umbrella group representing English-Quebecers, the Quebec Community Groups Network.

In a tweet, the QCGN accused the Liberals of “steering around a debate” for political reasons.

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Anglos better off with Libs says Anglade

Quebec anglophones should stick with the Quebec Liberals even as that party is not debating its 27-point language policy this weekend, leader Dominique Anglade told reporters.

The Quebec Community Groups Network criticized the  Liberals.

“Usually a hot topic at conventions, the Liberals are steering around a debate about language,” the group tweeted. “Anglade said nobody proposed a debate. Really! [This is an] epic failure to listen to [Quebec anglophones] who are worried about Bill 96.”

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Bill 101 reforms should be done with English community, Anglade says

“It’s clear we want to work together, with all the population and not create any cleavages or divisions,” the Quebec Liberal leader said Tuesday.

QUEBEC — Any reforms to the Charter of the French Language must be done with, not against, the English-speaking community in order to avoid dividing Quebecers, Liberal party leader Dominique Anglade says.

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Opinion: Quebec Liberals are committed to the protection of minorities

Leader Dominique Anglade says party will work tirelessly to build a more inclusive society, one where every single Quebecer feels at home.

The past nine months have been exhausting and difficult for all of us. While we are facing unprecedented health, social and economic challenges, the pandemic has in many ways brought out the best in Quebecers. Together, we have shown resilience and courage, and the recent start of the vaccination program is a reason for optimism.

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