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Quebec considers appeal after judge rules parts of Bill 40 violate anglophone minority education rights

“We truly hope that the government will decide not to appeal this clear decision that is based on our rights to manage and control our schools,” says Dan Lamoureux, president of the Quebec English School Boards Association. The QCGN welcomed the decision by the Superior Court of Quebec on Bill 40.

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Victory for the English-speaking community over Bill 40

“(W)e are particularly pleased that our rights have been recognized and respected thanks to this decision,” says Dan Lamoureux, president of the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) about the Quebec Superior Court’s ruling on Bill 40. “This is an important victory not only for the English-speaking community in Quebec, but also for official language minority communities across Canada,” reads a statement from QCGN President Eva Ludvig.

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Families, staff ‘thrown into flux’ by transfer of 3 EMSB schools to French board

Two weeks before the summer break, students and parents of three English Montreal School Board, learnt that their schools were set to be transferred to the Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île (CSPI). The announcement was made by Education Minister Jean-François Roberge during an interview on a French radio show. President Dan Lamoureux, President of the Quebec English School Board Association expressed outrage over the decision, stating “the government has decided that our voices don’t matter and that our students don’t matter […] This is a very sad day for Quebec’s English-speaking minority.”

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Le projet de loi 10 met de la pression sur les députés libéraux

Cet article de Don Macpherson dans The Gazette fait mention du QCGN dans le contexte du projet de loi 10. Le chroniqueur affirme que ledit projet de loi représente un test pour les députés libéraux qui représentent les Québécois d’expression anglaise.

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Legislation puts pressure on some Liberal MNAs

Don Macpherson, The Gazette

It’s easier for opposition MNAs to make themselves heard defending their constituents’ interests against the government. And the voters’ expectations that they will succeed in influencing the government on their behalf are lower.

Government MNAs, however, are expected to use their influence in the government caucus or cabinet and their access to ministers to produce results.

That’s especially true for Liberal MNAs with significant English-speaking constituencies when their party is in power, because there are usually so many of them in the government caucus and cabinet.

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Constance-Lethbridge: La bataille déborde du cadre de l’accès aux services en anglais

Il s’agit d’une lettre d’opinion du président du QCGN, Dan Lamoureux. Dans ce texte soumis à The Gazette, il prend fermement position contre la fusion du centre de réadaptation Constance-Lethbridge avec 3 organisations francophones du même domaine. Il rappelle l’importance d’offrir des services en anglais aux Québécois d’expression anglaise mais aussi le rôle fondamental des institutions. “Les communautés sont définies par leurs institutions”, écrit-il.

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Constance-Lethbridge battle goes beyond access to English services

By QCGN President Dan Lamoureux, The Gazette

MONTREAL — The Couillard government has made it clear that its No. 1 priority is debt reduction and bringing public spending under control. Every ministry has been ordered to come forward with cost-cutting measures, including the ministry of health. It is in this context that Quebec is now pursuing mergers of health-care institutions across the island of Montreal.

Although mergers do not necessarily lead to cost savings — evidence suggests the contrary — we urge the authorities to act with extreme caution where the future of institutions designated as bilingual is concerned.

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Dans The Gazette: Le Prix Goldbloom

Par Jesse Feith, The Gazette

Le papier porte sur le Prix Goldbloom et rappelle que le QCGN est à la recherche de candidatures de citoyennes et citoyens émérites pour ce qui concerne l’édition 2014 du Prix. Deux anciens gagnants sont cités dans le texte, de même que le président du QCGN, Dan Lamoureux.

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Group seeks nominations for Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award

By Jesse Feith, The Gazette

MONTREAL — Awards may come and go, but it’s still important to take time to recognize those playing key roles in their communities, said Father John Walsh, who won the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award in 2012.

For the last five years, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has honoured Quebecers who have done just that in the English-speaking community through its annual “Goldbloom Award.”

Now it’s looking for nominations for this year’s awards ceremony, to be held in October.

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Renewed mandates for QCGN President, Vice-President and Secretary

During the Quebec Community Groups Network’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday June 14, the QCGN acclaimed President Dan Lamoureux, Vice-President James Shea and Secretary Walter Duszara for second two-year mandates. The Network also bid adieu to Brian Garneau, who stepped aside after three years on QCGN’s Board of Directors. The rest of our directors remain on board for another year. They include Treasurer Joe Rabinovitch and Directors Matthew Rosenberg, Anne McCracken Fitzpatrick, Cheryl Gosselin, Richard Tardif, Juan-Carlos Quintana, Clara Ann Labadie, and Lisa Montgomery.


From left to right: Clara Ann Labadie, Secretary Walter Duszara, Kate Shingler,Treasurer Joe Rabinovitch, Cheryl Gosselin, President Dan Lamoureux, Lisa Montgomery, Matthew Rosenberg, Anne McCracken Fitzpatrick , Vice-President James Shea and Irene Tschernomor  (missing from the picture are Richard Tardif and Juan-Carlos Quintana)