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Premier’s point-man for English speaking Quebecers says he’d like to see free French lessons for Anglos

(VIDEO) Christopher Skeete, the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, speaks about the outcome of a consultation of English-speaking Quebecers.

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To Anglos, CAQ Government’s Deeds Speak Louder than its Words

By Geoffrey Chambers and Gerald Cutting, QCGN

Last fall, the government of Premier François Legault conducted a round of consultations with English-speaking Quebecers. A range of voices from across the English-speaking community laid out specific and very reasonable actions we need from his government. The process proved positive to the extent that it opened a dialogue. However, it was rushed and failed to build on, or to consider, previous strategic priority-setting work done by the community. Furthermore, the government is sending mixed messages when hosting a consultation while ignoring our fundamental disagreements with them on key policy initiatives that affect our vitality and our constitutional rights.

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