School boards: Discussions Progress, note Anglophones

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers said the community is skeptical following leaked information that claimed English-speaking Quebecers would be pleased with government’s plans for the future of school boards.

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Poll Shows Quebec Anglos Do Not Want School Boards Abolished

A Léger poll commissioned by the QCGN, the Quebec English School Board Association (QESBA), the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) and the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) shows that 82 per cent of English-speaking Quebecers are attached to school boards. Some 55 per cent of Quebecers, both French- and English-speaking, do not agree with a CAQ government plan to abolish them.

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Quebec’s Language Debate Poised to Roar Back to Life

Provincial political parties intent on re-igniting the language debate, QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers expresses concern. “This is a pattern of inventing problems and then spending a lot of time and energy on socially disruptive actions to create divisions and frustrations where we don’t need them.”

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Simon Jolin-Barrette Takes Over Quebec Language Portfolio in Addition to Immigration

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers shared his thoughts on news that Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette will add French language portfolio to his job. Chambers says that “there is no problem with the French language in Quebec, but that there are problems with the way minority groups are being treated.”

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CAQ kicks off provincial tour to ‘build bridges’ with English-speaking communities

The Coalition Avenir Quebec’s provincial consultation tour with the English-speaking community begins this week. QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers says the provincial advocacy will be happy to attend and will be paying close attention to ensure the community’s interests are respected.

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Mutinous rumblings of the English school boards defused?

The English-speaking community still has not digested the ban on religious symbols. Students submitted numerous questions on this topic to Christopher Skeete, Member of Parliament for Sainte-Rose, who spoke to the English-speaking community at an event at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville last week.

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QCGN and CAQ hold meeting ahead of the new school year

QCGN President Geoffrey Chambers sat down with Global Montreal’s Dan Spector to discuss a recent meeting between APPELE-Québec, which is defending democratically elected school boards, and Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, whose government has plan to abolish them. 

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CAQ overlooking minority groups, QCGN says

Rising fears among Quebec’s anglophones that their rights are at risk are based on the fact they’re dealing with a government mainly concerned with the will of its majority and is failing to communicate with its minority groups, the province’s largest English-language advocacy group said Monday.

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Anglo angst on rise in Quebec following CAQ election, poll shows

English-speaking Quebecers are more worried about their rights than they were two years ago, according to the latest Forum Research survey. Most feel services for English-speakers in Quebec have declined since the Legault government took over nine months ago.  

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Reply about the English-speaking community

Retired teacher Christopher Eustace wrote in Le Devoir that he looking forward to Quebec’s consultation of English-speaking Quebecers so he can talk about cleaning up the Coalition Avenir Quebec’s plan to abolish school boards. His minority opinion is not shared by our community, replied Quebec Community Groups Network President Geoffrey Chambers, who remarked that a strong majority of English-speaking Quebecers want to protect their constitutional right to manage and control their schools. 

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