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Toula Drimonis: Sadly, latest anglo scapegoating comes as no surprise

The latest volley against Quebec’s English-speaking community by the Bloc Québécois – this time being a critique of the funding it receives from the federal government – is a red herring, comments columnist Toula Drimonis. She makes note of the reaction by the QCGN, which wrote in a statement that the funding is meant to support services for the English-speaking community, “not to force francophones to convert to English.”

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Bloc MP spreading misinformation about Quebec anglophones: QCGN

Bloc Québécois MP Mario Beaulieu is spreading misinformation about the province’s Anglophones, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) responds to the former president of the nationalist Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal. Beaulieu says he has concluded that federal official-languages policy is “financing the anglicization of Quebec.” Federal support for the vitality of the English-speaking community of Quebec is mandated by the Official Languages Act, the QCGN notes; similar funding goes to francophone groups in other parts of the country: This financial assistance “exists to permit the community to develop and thrive, not to force Francophones to convert to English.” The QCGN received $2.4 million from various federal government departments last year, much of which was channelled to a range of other groups and to provide support to members of the English-speaking community.

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Minister Rodriguez accuses the Bloc of “attacking the English-speaking community”

Identical stories in the Journal de Montreal and on the TVA Nouvelles website, two Quebecor media arms, continue their coverage of this week’s assertions by Bloc Québécois MP Mario Beaulieu. Reporter Raphaël Pirro leaves it to the end to tuck in a capsule of the response from the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN). He quotes from the QCGN’s statement: “Federal support for the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking community is provided for in the Official Languages Act. It exists to allow the community to develop and prosper, and not to force French speakers to convert to English.”

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QCGN Statement on Bloc Québécois report on federal funding for Quebec’s English-speaking minority

Montreal – November 27, 2023 – The Quebec Community Groups Network takes issue with a report released this morning by Bloc Québécois MP Mario Beaulieu in which he condemns legitimate federal support for the vitality of our minority-language community as nothing more than support for the anglicization of Quebec.

It is a false equivalency. Support for Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs) across the country exists to support the vitality of these communities – both French and English.

We have not had the chance to study Beaulieu’s report in detail and may have more to say once we have done that. But his fundamental concept – that support for Quebec’s English-speaking minority community is tantamount to support for anglicization, is flat out wrong.

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Ottawa has paid billions for English in Quebec

Deep into its coverage regarding the Bloc Québécois targeting of federal funding for the English-speaking community of Quebec – and after quoting an assertion by Parti Québécois Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon that it is “as inconceivable as it is unacceptable that our taxes are used to finance our own assimilation so openly and clearly” – Le Devoir takes note of yesterday’s statement by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN): “Support for official language minority communities across the country aims to promote the vitality of these communities, whether they are French-speaking or English-speaking.”

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Official languages: billions from the federal government for English in Quebec for over 20 years

Pascal Vachon of #ONfr summarizes many of the talking points of the freshly launched Bloc Québécois campaign to undercut federal funding that assists Quebec’s English-speaking community. The story cites the QCGN statement contesting the foundation of MP Mario Beaulieu’s approach, including his ”completely erroneous” assertion that federal funding is being used to anglicize Quebec.

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Bonjour la controverse

Par Sophie Durocher

Vous vous rappelez ces Anglophones qui ont ridiculisé la publicité du Bloc québécois « Bonjour Ho », parce que dans leur dictionnaire à eux « ho » est le diminutif de « whore » (putain, en anglais)?

Après la parution de mon texte mercredi, je me suis fait traiter de « ho » donc de « putain » par quelques écervelés qui trouvaient que je manquais d’humour ; Mitch Garber a cru bon de faire des commentaires disgracieux sur mon mari et moi et notre supposé salaire (quel rapport ?) ; et le chroniqueur Don Macpherson de la Montreal Gazette a inventé le mot-clic #jesuissammy, comme si l’humoriste était menacé de se faire exploser la cervelle par une kalachnikov pour avoir ridiculisé une affiche du Bloc québécois.

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Bloc Québécois wants to replace Bonjour-Hi with Bonjour-Ho

The sovereignist federal party wants to stamp out the “Bonjour-Hi” greeting in Montreal businesses.

The Bloc Québécois has launched a holiday ad campaign urging Montrealers not to say Bonjour-Hi.

Posters for the sovereignist federal party show a blue Santa with the caption “Bonjour-Ho!”

The idea is to stamp out the bilingual greeting in businesses, which has raised the ire of Quebec politicians and commentators who say customers should be greeted in French only.

Joanie Riopel, a spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois, said posters will be put up near downtown shopping centres during the one-week campaign, which starts Monday.

“The message we want to send is to be able to shop in French in Montreal in the current situation, where French is in decline,” she said.

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Bloc Quebecois suggest Montreal store clerks ditch ‘Bonjour-Hi!’ for ‘Bonjour-Ho!’

MONTREAL – The Bloc Quebecois has offered a suggestion for Montreal store clerks accustomed to greeting customers with ‘Bonjour-Hi!’

The Bloc is suggesting the more festive, and less English, ‘Bonjour-Ho!’ Twitter erupted when the Bloc posted the suggestion, along with its campaign “2021: On touche du bois!”

“Montreal will also benefit from the ‘Bonjour-Ho!” campaign, which promotes the use of French,” the Bloc wrote.

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Francophone MPs ‘feel some discrimination’ over translation issues, says Bloc Whip

Since hybrid committee meetings began on Sept. 23, 86 per cent of witness interventions have been in English, with 14 per cent in French, according to the House administration’s findings.

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