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Opinion: Ensuring that English-speaking Quebecers receive their due

In an op-ed for the Montreal Gazette, QCGN President Eva Ludvig and Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge write that Bill C-13, the modernization of the Official Languages Act, offers “an asymmetrical approach in law toward official languages that places the future of our community at considerable risk.”

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Use of French in Federally Regulated Private Businesses Act Abandons English-speaking Quebecers, QCGN tells Senate Committee

Under the dramatic overhaul of the Official Languages Act currently being considered, the federal government would in effect abandon English-speaking Quebec by discarding the fundamental principle of linguistic duality from coast to coast to coast, QCGN President Eva Ludvig today told the Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages.

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QCGN has New Interim President and Renewed Resolve to Battle Bill 96 and Other Legislation Detrimental to English-speaking Quebecers

Montreal – June 10, 2022 Under new Interim President Eva Ludvig, the Quebec Community Groups Network today emerged from a policy forum with renewed resolve to fight Bill 96 and to advocate strongly to ensure new federal legislation updating the Official Languages Act does not abandon Englishspeaking Quebec by discarding the fundamental principle of linguistic duality from coast to coast to coast.

“There is a realignment under way that will reshape the Official Languages Act in ways that we feel will diminish our community’s long-standing relationship with the Government of Canada and leave us vulnerable,” said Ludvig. Bill C-13 proposes to create new language rights in one official language only. “The QCGN is fighting hard to make sure our minority community of 1.1 million people is also extended
these new rights.”

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Quebec wants federal language law reform to drop reference about promoting English

The Quebec government wants the proposed federal language law reform to take a different approach toward the province’s English-speaking minority and francophone minorities in other parts of the country.

The province has sent 14 suggested amendments to members of a parliamentary committee currently studying the bill.

The Quebec Community Groups Network, a Quebec anglophone rights group, described the 14 proposed amendments as part of the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s “war” on the province’s English-speaking community.

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Les anglophones du Québec craignent un régime à deux vitesses

“I would like to express our community’s deep disappointment with the federal government’s recognition of the Charter of the French Language as amended by Bill 96 in the Official Languages Bill,” QCGN President Marlene Jennings said in committee on Monday.

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QCGN Proposes Major Amendments to Federal Bill Modernizing the Official Languages Act

A federal bill aimed at modernizing the Official Languages Act is proposing radical changes that will have adverse impacts on the interpretation of this quasi- constitutional law and Quebec’s English-speaking community. That was the message the Quebec Community Groups Network took to parliamentarians examining Bill C-13 on Monday.

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Bill C-13 Weakens Federal Lifeline to English-speaking Quebec When it is Most Needed

The Quebec Community Groups Network is calling on the Government of Canada to immediately remove all reference to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language from Bill C-13, the proposed legislation amending the Official Languages Act, and creating a new law that will impose language of work and service obligations for French only on federally regulated businesses.

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Bill C-13: QCGN Brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on Official Languages

Bill C-13 is not the bill that the official language minorities asked for. In Bill C-13, the federal government is poised to abandon half a century of official language policy and turn the OLA into legislation aimed at the protection and promotion of one official language.

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QCGN seeks feedback on new federal language legislation

On April 7, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) hosted a town hall webinar attended by more than 60 people, which was later posted on YouTube. During the webinar, QCGN policy, research and public affairs director Stephen Thompson and legal adviser Marion Sandilands explained the implications of the bill, which is currently undergoing second reading in the House of Commons.

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Preliminary Analysis of Bill C-13, An Act for the Substantive Equality of Canada’s Official Languages

The QCGN presents its overview of Bill C-13, An Act for the Substantive Equality of Canada’s Official Languages, introduced in the House of Commons on March 1, 2022.

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