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Quebecers Sharply Divided Over Hardening of Language Law, Poll Reveals

Non-Francophones hold widely diverging views from French-speaking Quebecers on Bill 96, which aims to enforce and reinforce the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101). A majority of Anglophones and Allophones also believe the debate over the proposed legislation will strain relations between the majority and minority communities.

That is one of the findings of a new poll conducted by Léger Marketing for the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS).

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Quebecers’ Views on Language Issues in the Aftermath of Bill 96

The results of the poll were collected via a web panel conducted by Léger for the Quebec Community Groups Network and the Association for Canadian Studies among a sample of 1501 Quebecers, 18 years of age or older from May 14 to 19, 2021.

The survey included a sample of 573 Quebecers with languages other than French. For comparison purposes, a probability sample of 1501 respondents would have a margin of error of ± 2.95 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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Meech, prise 2

In Le Devoir, columnist Konrad Yakabuski notes that QCGN President Marlene Jennings warned the federal government that Bill 96 jeopardizes the constitutional rights of linguistic minorities and imperils the integrity of Canada’s constitutional architecture.

Expect more voices to be added to that of Jennings in the coming weeks, he writes, adding that that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support will thus be tested.

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Chelsea’s English services at risk

Draft Bill 96 leaves it up to the municipal council to save Chelsea’s bilingual status.

The proposed amendment to Quebec law, the Canadian Constitution, and the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms would make it harder for English-only speaking Quebec residents to access services and information in English from their municipality.
Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) director general Sylvia Martin-Laforge said the bill “erodes the vitality” of the English community in Quebec.

Legault’s anglo liaison Christopher Skeete goes to bat for Bill 96

Despite concerns by anglophone interest groups over the possible infringement of freedoms and rights, Sainte-Rose MNA Christopher Skeete, Premier François Legault’s liaison to Quebec’s English-speaking community, is defending Bill 96, the CAQ government’s proposed new law updating the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101).

“The Quebec Community Groups Network deeply regrets that proposed changes to the Charter of the French Language override fundamental human rights and will erode the vitality of our English-speaking minority community,” the Montreal-based group said in a statement.

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English community reactions to Bill 96

The Legault government’s new language reform bill is getting mixed reviews. Global’s Laura Casella invites Quebec Community Groups Network president Marlene Jennings to share reactions from some of its members.

Warnings by the QCGN of a range of unintended consequences as a result of the Bill 96 proposals thus far seem unheeded, she adds: “It looks like we’re going to get hit by a Mack truck – again.”

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The Current for May 17, 2021

Quebec Premier François Legault wants to change Canada’s Constitution to better protect the French language, a move that could affect everything from immigration and education to policies outside the province’s borders. Matt Galloway discusses the new legislation with host of Radio-Canada’s Midi-Info and longtime political journalist Michel C Auger; the CBC’s chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton; and president of the Quebec Community Groups Network and former federal Liberal MP Marlene Jennings.

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In the face of multiculturalism, is it time to put Quebec’s language debate to rest?

Arguments over language are nothing new in Quebec, but with a changing landscape that leans towards multiculturalism, some are asking if it might be time to put the debate to rest.

Thursday, Quebec’s language debate was once again thrown into the spotlight when the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) tabled an aggressive piece of legislation to reform Bill 101, Quebec’s Charter of the French Language.

“I think that there is a discussion to be had,” said Marlene Jennings, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN).

Jennings points out Quebecers should stop seeing the language debate as a battle-to-the-end between francophones and anglophones.

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Plan to cap spaces in English-language CEGEPs could have unintended consequences

Quebec’s new language reform, Bill 96, proposes to cap the number of places in English-language CEGEPs. It would also give priority to anglophone students.

However, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) said the government should be focusing on ensuring students become bilingual.

“(Students) who can fill the needs of business, the businesses already here and the businesses wanting to come in and invest in Quebec,” said QCGN director general, Sylvia Martin-Laforge.

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French in Quebec: Anglos retain their rights in Bill 96, Jolin-Barrette says

The English-speaking community loses none of its rights and actually will improve its status with new language legislation tabled this week, the minister responsible for the bill said Friday.

“My objective was not to pit the French and English communities against each other. The important thing is to protect French while protecting the anglophone community. It’s the status quo for the anglophone community.”

QCGN President Marlene Jennings, however, was not backing down tweeting Friday that people have not understood Bill 96 “gives primacy to collective rights.”

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