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Montrealers rally against Bill 96, Quebec’s French language reform

Montrealers came out Thursday at Place du Canada to rally against Bill 96, Quebec’s French language reform. The bill was officially adopted at the National Assembly on Tuesday – and leaders of the province’s English-speaking community say they will continue to be vocal against it.

“We have a long way to go, but we’re on it and court challenges are in the works,” shouted Marlene Jennings, the president of Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), over the crowd of demonstrators.

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Bill 96: Opponents of new French language law express ‘sadness, frustration’ at protest

The Coalition Avenir Quebec’s  Bill 96 — aimed at protecting and bolstering the French language in Quebec — may have been passed into law earlier this week, but that has done little to quell the English-speaking community’s opposition to the legislation.

Quebecers Against Bill 96, a group created by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) , the English Parents’ Committee Association, the Quebec English School Board Association (QESBA), and the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations organized a rally Thursday afternoon in downtown Montreal inviting the community to voice its concerns.

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English community plans rally against Bill 96 in downtown Montreal

Leaders of the province’s English-speaking community vowed to speak loudly and often against Bill 96, which was passed in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

“We are very concerned about the erosion of rights of all Quebecers that were introduced by a government that seems to care more about scoring political points for the upcoming election than it does about good governance,” said Matt Aronson, a spokesperson for the Quebec Community Groups Network. “We hope citizens will recognize that this bill is bad law and we hope provincial and federal politicians will do something about this bad law before it goes any further.”

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Bill 96: Five reasons Quebec’s language law reform is stirring controversy

A protest against Quebec’s proposed overhaul of its language law drew a large crowd in Montreal on Saturday.

Marlene Jennings, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, an anglophone advocacy group, says the law could prevent hundreds of thousands of English speakers from accessing health care in their language.

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Hanes: Last chance to speak out against Bill 96

It has been a long time since English-speaking Quebecers have been called upon to come together in great number to defend our rights.

All Quebecers of any linguistic background should be deeply concerned, francophones included. But it’s the Quebec Community Groups Network, the umbrella group that represents anglophone interests, that has been leading the charge. The QCGN is calling on English-speaking Quebecers — heck, all Quebecers — to turn up at a rally this Saturday in defiance of Premier François Legault’s brush-off that there hasn’t been any serious opposition to Bill 96.

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QCGN plans anti-Bill 96 demonstration on May 14

As the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) was announcing plans for a protest of Bill 96 last week, a move was afoot to mitigate one of the more troubling irritants to English-speakers contained in the proposed new language law.

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QCGN says May 14 mobilization will include anglo and franco Quebecers

English-speaking groups say opposition to Bill 96 extends beyond the minority community and includes groups representing businesses, patients’ rights advocates and others.

In an online news conference held Tuesday, the Quebec Community Groups Network said it expects broad support from French community groups as well, because the proposed law would also penalize French speakers in various ways.

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English groups slam Bill 96, plan to protest in May

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) president Marlene Jennings did not hold back as she slammed the province’s new language law, arguing that if Bill 96 is adopted, all Quebecers will be at the mercy of the French language minister.

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Quebec English groups plan protest against language bill

English groups in Montreal say they plan to protest against Quebec’s Bill 96, which aims to strengthen the province’s French language law.

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) President Marlene Jennings argues the new language law amendments will be an assault on human rights in the province.

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Quebec community groups rallying against Bill 96

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is planning to host a rally in mid-May so that those who are opposed to Bill 96 can make themselves heard.

“The government has made it very clear that it is not listening,” said Marlene Jennings, QCGN’s President, explaining that the hope is for the public action to help highlight how significantly the government’s overhaul of its language laws stand to impact people living in the province, regardless of their cultural background.

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