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EMSB urges Senate to amend C-13

Joe Ortona, chair of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) writes to each member of the Senate urging the upper chamber to fulfill its role “as the Chamber of sober second thought” and propose amendments to Bill C-13 “to ensure the rights of minority-language communities in this country are not mutually exclusive.” Ortona’s appeal cites a Quebec Community Groups Network open letter – signed by more than 3,000 Quebecers – that says C-13 forsakes half a century of official language policy based on the principle that both official languages and official language minority communities have equal rights under law.

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Ottawa set to ‘sacrifice’ Quebec anglophones’ language rights, QCGN tells Senate

Leaving the references to Bill 101 within Bill C-13 would be a blow to the rights of English-speaking Quebecers, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) tells a Senate committee studying the proposed federal legislation. “[W]hen something is in law, we don’t know how that will be interpreted, not only at the court but also by civil servants who implement it,” says QCGN President Eva Ludvig.

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Including references to Bill 101 within Bill C-13 sets a precedent for provincial governments outside of Quebec to adopt legislation that undermines the rights of francophone minority communities, the Quebec Community Groups Network tells senators.

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Quebec senators clash over mention of Bill 101 in federal language law

Quebec’s Bill 101 should not be referenced in Bill C-13, as its inclusion in the federal bill could be seen as an endorsement of the notwithstanding clause, says Senator Tony Loffreda. The QCGN, which has voiced its opposition to this reference, says its representatives have been invited to discuss their concerns about Bill C-13 on Monday before the Senate’s Committee on Official Languages.

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House of Commons Committee Votes to Forsake English-speaking Quebecers

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is profoundly disappointed that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Official Languages has allowed references to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language to remain in proposed new federal language legislation to amend Canada’s Official Languages Act.

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Francois Legault needs to scrap Bill 96 and go back to the Drawing Board

Marlene Jennings, President of the Quebec Community Groups Network, tells CJAD’s Elias Makos that Premier François Legault needs to scrap Bill 96 and go back to the drawing board.

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Robert Libman: This summer is no time for Quebec anglos to relax

This weekend marks the unofficial end of the political season. The National Assembly and House of Commons have broken for their summer recesses, and politics takes a deep breath for two months.

For Quebec’s anglophone community, however, this is no time to sit back and relax. In the fall, the community will be facing one of its greatest political challenges of the past 50 years as Bill 96, which injects steroids into Bill 101, will be going through parliamentary hearings and debate in the National Assembly. At the same time, there may be a federal election campaign. The Liberal government’s plan to enact changes to the Official Languages Act that dilute minority language rights of Quebec anglophones, would probably figure prominently.

The QCGN is gearing up for the public hearings through coalition-building and highlighting the impact of Bill 96 on individual freedoms.

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Robert Libman: It’s time to speak up, diplomatically, but with passion

Who is ready and willing to stick their neck out? Once the much anticipated legislation beefing up Bill 101 is tabled in the National Assembly, who will step up and represent the concerns of minority communities in Quebec?

Premier François Legault has already made it clear his Coalition Avenir Québec government won’t hesitate to use the notwithstanding clause, an admission that fundamental rights will be in play.

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is the organization most likely be at the forefront as the debate heats up. Its president, former MP Marlene Jennings, sounds like she knows what’s coming. “I’m ready to rumble,” she has said. The school boards, anglo institutions, human rights lawyers and English media will all have important roles to play.

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Use of Notwithstanding Clause Would Run Roughshod Over Rights of English-speaking Quebecers

MONTREAL, April 22, 2021 – The Quebec Community Groups Network is alarmed that Premier François Legault foreshadowed that the Quebec government may invoke the notwithstanding clause to limit the linguistic rights of English-speaking Quebecers.

“The QCGN was already concerned about what the government will propose to enforce and reinforce the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101) and his comment does nothing to alleviate our apprehensions,” comments QCGN President Marlene Jennings: “The QCGN is and has always been opposed to the use of the notwithstanding clause to override the rights of all Quebecers.”

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Language reforms loom, are we ready?

Did you know that Bill 101, Quebec’s French-first language law, is set to be overhauled in 2021, and promises to be even more restrictive of minority languages in the province? Probably not — there are bigger things dominating the news and people’s personal lives these days. But in the midst of the biggest health crisis of a century, the CAQ government decided in September to take $5 million from its budget and spend it on beefing up the OQLF, also known as the language police.

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