Townshippers’ Association and Voice of English-speaking Québec Lend Voices to Bill 10

Townshippers’ press release

Following an initial rejection to present at the public hearings for Bill 10, Townshippers’ Association and Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ) have accepted an invitation to appear before the Health and Social Services Commission at the National Assembly in Quebec City at noon on Thursday, October 23, 2014. 

Initially the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) was the only anglophone group invited to take part in the consultation on the proposed legislation which would see healthcare institutions merged and regional healthcare agencies abolished.

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Liberals accused of ramming through bill 10

By Angelica Montgomery, CJAD News

The Couillard government is shocking the health care system with a hasty bill in a rushed effort to save money, say several opponants and participants at today’s legislative hearings.

Bill 10 will replace the management of virtually every health care institution in Quebec with large regional centers.

But as the doors to the National Assembly’s red room swing open for hearings, many are complaining of either being left out or not being given enough time to prepare.

“The whole process is not long enough,” says Sylvia Martin-Laforge, the Director General of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN)

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Liberals rejected Anglo groups, says source

Angelica Montgomery, CJAD

The ruling Liberals rejected a request from two anglophone organizations who wanted to take part in the bill 10 hearings on major changes to the health care system, a source within an opposition party has told CJAD.

Bill 10 will revolutionize how Quebec’s health care system will be managed, by scrapping the administrations of nearly every hospital and health institution, and replacing them will large regional centres called CISSS’s.

Most of Quebec’s bilingual institutions are set to have their management taken over by the new, large structures.

The Montreal Gazette and the Sherbrooke Record have already voiced concern in their editorials that the move could dilute the level of influence the community has over its institutions, particularly in regions where anglophones are a small minority, like in Quebec city and the Eastern Townships.

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Legislation puts pressure on some Liberal MNAs

Don Macpherson, The Gazette

It’s easier for opposition MNAs to make themselves heard defending their constituents’ interests against the government. And the voters’ expectations that they will succeed in influencing the government on their behalf are lower.

Government MNAs, however, are expected to use their influence in the government caucus or cabinet and their access to ministers to produce results.

That’s especially true for Liberal MNAs with significant English-speaking constituencies when their party is in power, because there are usually so many of them in the government caucus and cabinet.

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Sylvia Martin-Laforge on Global to discuss Bill 10

QCGN  Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge joined Global News Montreal’s Jamie Orchard to explain why the organization is concerned that English-speaking community are being excluded from debate on Bill 10.

English-speaking community excluded from debate on Bill 10

Montreal – October 8, 2014

The Quebec Community Groups Network learned today that it is the only English-language community group scheduled to be heard at hearings on Bill 10, which proposes a massive reorganization of Quebec’s health care system.

“We are outraged that our community is essentially being shut out of the debate on Bill 10,” said QCGN President Dan Lamoureux, noting the proposed legislation would have a huge impact on institutions that were built and supported by Quebec’s English-speaking community for many generations.

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Townshippers’ Association concerned over Barrette reform bill’s impact on English-speaking community voice

Townshippers’ Press release

SHERBROOKE, September 26, 2014 Townshippers’ Association and its President Gerald Cutting share in the apprehension voiced by the Quebec Community Groups Network in response to the massive reorganization of the health care sector as proposed in Bill 10 tabled by Health Minister Gaétan Barrette.

According to Cutting, the most important issue for the English-speaking community in the Eastern Townships revolves around the notion of local representation. “In reality the principle is rather simple” said Cutting, “the bigger the organization, the smaller the English voice becomes.”

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Bill 10’s merger proposals are a diversity threat

Editorial, The Gazette

Sweeping reforms to Quebec health and social services proposed this week have been touted by Health Minister Gaétan Barrette as a way to slash inefficient bureaucracy and focus care on patients.

But the adverse effects of Bill 10 pose a grave threat to the rights of minorities — particularly the ability of the historic anglophone and Jewish communities to govern cherished institutions and access care in English at designated bilingual facilities in the future.

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QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge on CBC to discuss Minister Barrette’s Bill 10

Click on this link and jump to 2:47 to watch CBC’s Bill 10 report including an interview with QCGN Director-General Sylvia Martin-Laforge in which she emphasizes the importance for the English-speaking community to remain involved in institutions which are essential to our vitality and identity.