Five things to know about Bill 10

By Geoffrey Vendeville, The Gazette

Gaétan Barrette didn’t waste much time before making waves as Quebec’s new health minister.

In the second week of the fall legislative session, he rolled out a bill to shake up the province’s health-care system.

It didn’t take long before the francophone press dubbed it “La révolution Barrette.”

Spanning 70 pages and 165 articles, Bill 10 is almost as complex as it is controversial. To make matters even more complicated, the government proposed 160 amendments in December.

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Quebec’s health minister tables Bill 10 amendments

By Caroline Plante, Global News Montreal

Quebec’s Health Minister has tabled amendments to his controversial Bill 10.

The bill aims to merge boards of directors of healthcare institutions across the province to save at least $220 million.

Health Minister Gaétan Barrette said Monday he is convinced his amendments will satisfy the English-speaking community.

Barrette explained he has put four additional “protections” in the bill.

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Thousands of Quebecers sign petition seeking changes to Bill 10

Montreal – November 26, 2014 – 

The campaign for amendments to Bill 10 reached another peak this week as an online petition against the proposed legislation hit more than 9000 signatures. And that number is increasing day by day as the public becomes increasingly aware of the significant impacts the proposed legislation would have on the health and social service institutions that were built and supported by the English-speaking community and have served the community for many generations.

The petition expresses deep concerns with Bill 10 and the speed with which the government is moving forward to adopt the wide-ranging legislation that will have profound impacts on our community’s vitality and identity. It also noted that the dissolution of the current institutional network and the centralizing of control of the system will have profound consequences for English-speaking and other minority communities with respect to their historical attachment to their institutions and their participation in the public system.

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QCGN rallying the troops over Bill 10 debate

By Gordon Lambie, The Record

The Quebec Community Groups Network came out swinging on Monday morning in its ongoing effort to raise the profile of English rights in the debate over Bill 10.

At a press conference, QCGN was joined by 45 other English organizations, institutions and individuals in calling for, “serious and substantial changes,” to the government’s proposed health care reform based on the premise that the bill, if passed into law in its current form, would have a devastating effect on the vitality and identity of English communities across the province.

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QCGN calls for slow implementation of Bill 10

Global News

The QCGN is calling on Quebec’s Health Minister to delay implementation of his plans to transform the health and social services system to ensure proper consideration of English-speaking community concerns.


Dozens of anglo organizations team up to say no to healthcare reform

By CTV Montreal

The battle against Bill 10 is intensifying as dozens of groups are uniting to speak out against the proposed healthcare reform legislation.

More than three dozen groups, including community organizations and school boards argue Bill 10 could have a devastating impact on English-speaking communities and the bilingual status of health institutions.

Bill 10 will revamp healthcare throughout Quebec by merging boards and slashing the number of administrators and managers.

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Bill 10 is a runaway train, says mass coalition of Anglo groups

By Angelica Montgomery, CJAD News

Bill 10 will cut off the English-speaking community from their health care institutions and threaten even their bilingual nature, say a coalition of three dozen anglophone community groups who spoke out in Montreal today.

A table holding 41 leaders stretched out before the Monday press conference, representing organizations such as school boards, community-based organizations, users committees, institutions, auxiliaries, and foundations.

The groups said the community influence will be diluted away when bilingual institutions are merged into large regional mega-structures called CISSSs, and that even access to English health care is in jeopardy.

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Montreal Hospitals May No Longer Be Bilingual

By Michael D’Alimonte,

Changes may be coming to the set up of Quebec’s health care administration, in the form of Bill 10, which would streamline services and save the province a bunch of money. Sounds good on paper, but as Eric Maldoff, lawyer and strategic adviser for Quebec Community Group Network (QCGN),explained to CTV, the result can mean little to no service for Anglophone health care patients, as hospitals would lose their bilingual status.

Bill 10 was proposed by Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, with the promise of saving Quebec $220 million every year. Administration would be reduced, by merging all health care institutions into one, all controlled by the province/the Minister of Health. The bad part is, though, all community groups and boards of directors that represent minority communities would no longer exist.

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Hospitals may lose bilingual status

CTV Montreal

Eric Maldoff was on CTV to explain the fear over hospital administration mergers in the English-speaking communities.

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Quebec Community Groups Network demands changes to Bill 10

By Karen Seidman, The Gazette

With 24 anxious leaders of English-language institutions flanking him, former Liberal MNA Clifford Lincoln made an impassioned plea to Premier Philippe Couillard on Monday to intervene to ensure that longstanding rights of the English community aren’t destroyed by Bill 10.

Quebec’s English-language community took a strong stand against the current draft of Bill 10 on Monday, saying the government’s attempt to restructure health care in Quebec would abolish the anglophone community’s hospitals and nursing homes as stand-alone institutions.

“The 24 institutions that are protected as bilingual will disappear in one fell swoop,” said Clifford Lincoln, a former Liberal MNA, adding that Health Minister Gaétan Barrette is jeopardizing the “Liberal legacy” — the right of the English community to participate in the control and management of its institutions — with a hurried and drastic plan.

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