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Municipalities across Quebec vow to keep bilingual status

Several Quebec municipalities with an English-speaking population of less than 50 per cent have announced that they intend to retain their bilingual status. The fact that towns with even a fractional English-speaking population are protecting their citizens’ rights to access services in English sends a strong message to the Quebec government, says QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge.

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Minorities risk being excluded by Quebec’s proposed language law, Anglo-rights group says

Wording by the Quebec government in its proposed amendment of the Canadian Constitution could exclude many from being defined as a Quebecer, according to an analysis of Bill 96 by the Quebec Community Groups Network.

The QCGN is an umbrella group made up of English-speaking community organizations. It says the proposed new language law would effectively make the province a “charter-free zone” because of its sweeping use of the notwithstanding clause.

Bill 96 was tabled by the Coalition Avenir Québec government May 13. Premier François Legault said he expects his majority government to pass it during the next session at the National Assembly.

QCGN president Marlene Jennings expressed concerns about the bill’s use of the notwithstanding clause when it was tabled.

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Bilingual municipalities call for ‘balance and ‘respect’ ahead of Quebec language reform

A group of suburban municipalities with bilingual status is calling for ‘balance’ and ‘respect’ ahead of major language reform set to be tabled in Quebec today.

Marlene Jennings, head of the Quebec Community Groups Network, or QCGN, said she finds it “very interesting” the bilingual status for some municipalities could change, given the CAQ’s stance, historically speaking.

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