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Allison Hanes: Anthony Housefather pays the price for defending Quebec anglos

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather “showed great moral and political courage in defending our community’s rights. That is what good MPs do,” said Joan Fraser, a retired Liberal senator and board member of the Quebec Community Groups Network, which led the charge against C-13. “He deserves our gratitude.”

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‘Everybody needs to make their own decision,’ says sole MP to oppose C-13

Anthony Housefather, Liberal MP from the Mount Royal riding and lone parliamentarian to vote against Bill C-13, tells the Sherbrooke Record he “did exactly what I am supposed to do” by voicing his opposition to the inclusion of Bill 96 references. Advocacy groups including the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) have repeatedly raised concerns that the Bill 96 references in the new federal Official Languages Act. will erode the rights of Quebec’s English-language minority, the story notes.

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Liberal MP Housefather could face long-term blowback for voting against own party

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather could face long-term backlash for voting against Bill C-13, as he was the only Liberal and only Member of Parliament to do so, says Professor Daniel Béland. The language legislation was approved by a vote of 300-1, and is now before the Senate, where the Quebec Community Groups Network says several portions of the bill will hopefully be reconsidered.

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Liberal MP Housefather defies party, votes against federal language bill

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather stood against the tide by voting “No” to Bill C-13 yesterday – the only MP in the House of Commons to do so. “It’s difficult to go against your own party, but he stuck with his principles and that’s admirable,” says QCGN President Eva Ludvig.

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Podcast : MP Anthony Housefather details opposition to parts of the new federal Official Languages Act

QCGN President Eva Ludvig thanks the Liberal MPs who “have been very courageous and taking political risk” by defending Quebec’s English-speaking during the study of Bill C-13.

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Justin Trudeau faces formal language complaints after French-only town hall

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the receiving end of three formal complaints filed with the federal commissioner of official languages after speaking only French despite English questions at a town hall meeting Tuesday night in Sherbrooke, Que.”

Following the town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, prime minister Justin Trudeau presented some excuses in a press conference saying in retrospect that he could have answered in English during the meeting. His decision to speak only French struck a nerve with members of the English-speaking community in the Eastern Townships.

Reactions from Gerald Cutting, president of the Townshippers’ Association, and James Shea, president of the QCGN, commented by saying how shocking Trudeau’s stance was, even to French-speaking Quebecers. Anthony Housefather, Liberal MP for Mount Royal, considers the event as an anomaly to Trudeau’s “long history of standing up for official bilingualism.”

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