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Anglos are shunned or taken for granted

The Montreal Gazette, Don Macpherson

‘Political parties assume anglos will vote Liberal, so they don’t woo their vote’

For most readers of this column, this federal election campaign has probably been as much fun as high-school dances are for plain girls.

[…] This was in letters to the leaders of the four parties that elected members to the last Parliament, sent Sept. 12. As of yesterday, only the Bloc (!) and the Liberals had bothered to reply.

In fact, the Bloc was first to reply, only four days after the QCGN sent its letters. But its own two-page letter mostly ignored the QCGN’s questions and said in essence that anglophones would benefit along with other Quebecers from measures the Bloc had already proposed. Read more…


Les jeunes anglos réclament de meilleurs cours de français

La Presse, Martin Croteau

Les jeunes anglophones du Québec veulent de meilleurs cours de français. C’est l’une des conclusions d’une conférence organisée, durant le week-end, pour contrer la saignée qui menace des dizaines de petites communautés en région.

[…] ”Il y a environ 200 000 anglophones dispersés dans les autres régions du Québec, et ces communautés font face à un défi énorme à cause de l’exode des jeunes ”, explique Robert Donnelly, président de Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), organisme qui regroupe une trentaine de groupes communautaires de langue anglaise. Read more…