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Quebec’s Anglophones need a voice

By Cheryl Gosselin<, The Record

In regard to Susan Mastine’s opinion that it is the responsibility of individual Anglophones in Quebec to look after themselves (It’s hard to be an Anglophone in Quebec, Feb. 16) and Marjorie Goodfellow’s like-minded response dated Feb. 18, I wish to offer my thoughts on Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser’s long-held view that Quebec should establish an Office of Anglophone Affairs to better serve our linguistic minority communities. While I do agree with Ms. Mastine that individual, Englishspeaking Townshippers and Quebecers across the province should get involved in their communities, I believe it is also the duty of the government to support its linguistic minority. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Fraser’s concerns about Quebec’s English-speaking minority needing formal representation in the provincial government, just like other provincial jurisdictions do across Canada. Read more…

Can the arts replace factories as an economic engine?

The Record (Sherbrooke), Eleanor Brown
How political — and how threatening — is culture when it’s created by English-speakers in Quebec? And perhaps more importantly, can the arts sustain a community? How do identity and finances intermingle? Can culture replace manufacturing and information technology to serve as an economic engine for anglo Quebecers? These are fascinating questions that the anglophone community must consider.
In 2008, the Quebec Community Groups Network “passed a formal resolution to prioritize the development of the Arts, Culture and Heritage sector” — the English-speaking sector, of course.