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Anglo groups network holds rare meeting with premier

“The Quebec Community Groups Network was in Quebec City Tuesday for a rare private meeting with the premier. The group, which represents dozens of English organizations across the province, also met MNAs at the National Assembly to discuss issues affecting the anglophone community. “

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Cutting awarded for service to local community

“He also noted that it is significant to see the QCGN placing value on members of the English community outside of the greater Montreal area, because of the fact that rural Anglophones live a very different reality than their urban counterparts.”

On October 28, Townshippers’ President Gerald Cutting will be receiving this year’s Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award for his involvement in the Eastern Townships English-speaking community. His merits goes well before his time as association president, for example, in his first line of work with the Dixville Home Corporation as recalled by Donald Warnholtz, chairperson of the Corporation or as Director General at Champlain College in Lennoxville.

In this article praising his work, Townshippers’ Executive Director Rachel Hunting and Vice-President Peter Quilliams praised Cutting’s dedication to improving the lives of English-speakers in the region, as well as his tireless efforts to bring the community’s rights to the government.

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The History of Quebec or how to reinvent the wheel (FR)

“L’Histoire, on le sait, est une science sociale en constante évolution. Chaque époque lui applique un prisme changeant selon l’avancée des connaissances et des recherches”

As an answer to the article, Josée Legault, columnist for le Journal de Montréal, wrote that the chronological history based on facts and events, which do not shy away from being nationalistic, is a well received “reinvention” from the Ministère of Education which resisted to recriminations from lobby groups like the QCGN.

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Official languages, “yes sir”

“Il en faut, de l’acharnement, pour occuper le siège de commissaire aux langues officielles dans ce pays : la défense des droits linguistiques des minorités, en particulier les francophones hors Québec, exige une volonté à toute épreuve.”

As Graham Fraser leaves office, Marco Fortier reviews the ten-year legacy of the exiting Commissioner of Official Languages. On the subject, QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge mentions that linguistic rights are something that need to be used, to be kept alive. She thanks Graham for his last 10 years of service.

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Feds to spend $1.4 M to help English-speaking youth, seniors and immigrants

“The federal government announced that it will provide $1 for every $2 contributed by the private sector for projects that help English-speaking youth, seniors and immigrants who live and work in Québec.”

“This is a real opportunity to take responsibility for identifying our community’s needs, building new partnerships, allocating resources, evaluating success and learning with our combined experience, “ said James Shea – the Vice-President of the Québec Community Groups network. “If we’re successful – and i know we will be – we will be creating new opportunities for the community sector (with) sustainable, predictable and self-governed resources.”

The funding comes from a $4 million national Community Innovation Fund that’s being financed by Employment and Social Development Canada in order to help official minority language communities across the nation. Up to $1.4 Million from that fund going to programs to help Anglophones and other minority groups in Québec.

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