Statistics Canada to re-examine mystery surge of anglophones in Quebec regions

The group that represents Quebec English-speaking community groups says it’s shocked by and skeptical of new Statistics Canada numbers that show a surge in the number of people who speak English as a mother tongue.

“It was a surprise,” said Sylvia Martin-Laforge. She said the QCGN was anticipating very little growth in the number of anglophones and was shocked when the new Statistics Canada numbers showed some communities have hundreds or even thousands more English-speakers than they did in 2011. “This bowls us over, because that’s not what we were expecting,” she said.

The QCGN partnered with historian and demographic specialist Jack Jedwab to take a closer look at the figures. “The increases, I would say, are impossible,” said Jedwab. “I don’t know where the people are coming from.”

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