Quebec halts Dawson College expansion plans, asks CEGEP to rent space

Quebec is putting Dawson College’s expansion plans on hold, despite promising the CEGEP millions for additional classroom space in 2020.

An internal memo sent Sunday by Diane Gauvin, Dawson’s director general, says the infrastructure project was quashed following a meeting with Higher Education Minister Danielle McCann.

“The government has chosen to prioritize, in [McCann]’s words, ‘francophone’ students,'” Gauvin said.

Marlene Jennings, leader of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), said obtaining new facilities is critical to improving Dawson students’ learning environment.

“Dawson, like other English CEGEPs, has an enviable record of welcoming Quebecers of all backgrounds including a large number of students who completed their secondary school education in French,” she said.

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