Petition demands rethink of Bill 15’s radical revamp of health care network

The Quebec Community Groups Network urges all Quebecers to quickly sign a petition demanding the provincial government put an immediate hold on its proposed Bill 15, which would launch a massive centralization of health-care management and dramatically reduce community roles in the governance of health and social services institutions everywhere in Quebec. Read more Sign […]

QCGN Webinar: Bill 15

More than 150 concerned Quebecers attended a Quebec Community Groups Network webinar on Wednesday, November 9 on the anticipated impact of Bill 15, An Act to make the health and social services system more effective. Moderated by former reporter Elysia Bryan-Baynes, webinar speakers were Quebec Liberal Health Critic André Fortin; health care advocate Eric Maldoff; […]

Quebec appears to be saying no to English universities on tuition fees. What do you think?

QCGN President Eva Ludvig joined CBC’s Radio Noon yesterday. The discussion covered the Quebec government’s intention to hike tuition costs for out-of-province students at English-language universities, as well as the universities’ rejected proposal to improve the teaching of French. “The English-speaking community of Quebec is not the enemy of the French language,” Ludvig said. Listen […]

Quebec Community Groups Network Brief to the Senate Standing Committee on Official Language’s Study of Matters Relating to Minority-language Health Services

The Committee has been authorized to examine and report on minority-language health services, including matters related to the inclusion of language clauses in federal health transfer. Our brief augments the brief submitted by Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN) on May 1st, 2023, and will focus on the inclusion of language clauses in federal […]

A joint message from the Quebec Community Groups Network and Townshippers’ Association

The decision by Premier François Legault and his Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government to virtually double university tuitions for students from out of the province “will do little to improve the situation of francophone universities and very much to damage English ones – particularly Bishop’s, where about 2,650 students were enrolled this fall,” write Eva […]

What’s at stake is the loss of a sense of belonging to Quebec

QCGN President Eva Ludvig and Townshippers’ Association President Don Warholtz lay out a detailed case arguing for full reversal of the Quebec government’s targeted tuition hikes. It is vital, the two community leaders underscore, to bear in mind that “students from other provinces who study here return to their home provinces as ambassadors of Quebec, […]

QCGN says ‘no’ to tuition hikes

Eric Girard, the Quebec finance minister also responsible for relations with English-speaking Quebecers, suggested last week he is monitoring reaction to the government’s controversial decision to double tuition for university students from the rest of Canada – but he provided no details. The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), the English-speaking community, and, indeed, a multitude […]

QCGN denounces CAQ’s ‘kneecapping’ tuition fee hikes

Quebec’s three English-language universities continue to scramble to deal with the expected impact on registration and financing provoked by the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government’s abrupt doubling of tuition fees for out-of-province and international students, to take effect in less than a year for fresh arrivals. The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) has called on […]

Quebec Community Groups Network Brief Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology Study on Bill C-35

The QCGN makes an appearance as a witness for the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology’s study of Bill C-35, An Act respecting early learning and child care in Canada.  Read more Also click here to watch a recording of the hearing

QCGN denounces CAQ’s ‘kneecapping’ tuition fee hikes

While Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) language-policy measures “in general, including the hurtful Bill 96, may be aimed at the Montreal region, they also bring collateral damage to the nearly 250,000 English-speaking Quebecers who live outside the metropolis,” states QCGN director general Sylvia Martin-Laforge. Read more

Outcry over revision of university tuition fees

“It’s worrying to implement a policy like that without consultation,” says QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge about the Quebec government’s tuition hike for out-of-province students looking to study at English universities.  Read more

Quebec denies English eligibility certificates if students apply after high school

Quebec’s English-speaking community leaders are calling for the provincial Education Ministry to allow all those who are eligible for English eligibility certificates to be able to obtain one. Currently, students are only eligible to apply for the certificate before completing their secondary studies. “Why would you want to disadvantage any Quebecer?” asks QCGN Director General […]


QCGN outraged at Quebec tuition hikes for out-of-province Canadian students

The latest Quebec government measure to protect French is an “assault on English universities – effectively doubling regular tuition for students from outside Quebec who want to study at McGill, Concordia, or Bishop’s,” says QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge in a statement. The QCGN is calling on Eric Girard, minister responsible for relations with English-speaking […]

‘Kneecapping English universities’: QCGN targets CAQ minister responsible for anglos

By doubling the tuition cost for out-of-province students, the Coalition Avenir Québec government has demonstrated its belief that “the most effective way to support French is to curtail English and English-language institutions to the greatest extent possible,” says QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge in a statement. Read more

Coalition Avenir Quebec’s outrageous tuition policy hurts all Quebecers

The Quebec Community Groups Network is alarmed that a recent move by the government of Premier François Legault to hike tuition fees for out-of-province students will spur young English-speaking Quebecers to leave the province. And it will stop talented young people in other provinces and beyond from coming here. Read more